Try These Ideas Using MUJI Products to Make Your Valentine’s Presents Even More Special

January 12, 2020

Valentine’s may seem like one of those manufactured holidays designed for us to spend our money. Maybe it is, but it is also one of those holidays that we invented just so we have an excuse to celebrate the people we love. People may love the flowers and chocolates and grand gestures that come with the occasion, but sometimes, like traditions in Japan, it’s the small, unspoken moments that make Valentine’s Day. Rather than buying your special someone roses or a processed box of chocolates, why not put a little extra effort and thought into your presents by creating your own paper flowers or origami boxes?

These colorful little packages use MUJI papers and stationery and require a little bit of ingenuity but hardly any effort at all. Japanese origami may be difficult to some–I know I can’t fold a paper crane or swan to save my life–but today, Vicky Velasco shows us how. Known as a paper florist, a very specialized and artisan calling in the city, her works often grace wedding tables, and make for perfectly romantic centerpieces. She shows us some basic trade secrets of her craft that will make this Valentine a lot more unique, and a lot more personal. No need to thank us if this gets you plus points with your significant other.

Origami Heart

Using MUJI’s origami paper, we made these hearts that are perfect for stuffing into envelopes for an instant surprise. The bright minimalist prints add a colorful, Japanese sensibility to your love letters, bringing out the quirky romantic in you.

Muji1-2 Muji2

Learn how to make an origami heart here.

Paper Flowers

Making paper flowers isn’t just for kindergarten anymore; these aren’t your ordinary roses and have something quite grown-up about them. They require a bit of cutting and glueing, but the end result is a simple work of art your date will definitely appreciate.

Muji8 Muji9

Learn how to make paper flowers here.

Origami 5-Petal Flowers

This might look a little complicated, but the payoff is worth it–these 5-petal flowers make the ideal decoration to any gift box, or can even double as a secret love note. These printed flowers will leave a sweet impression on anyone who’s lucky enough to receive it.

Muji6 Muji7-2

Learn how to make origami 5-petal flowers here.

Origami Rose Box

This might be our cutest MUJI paper tutorial yet: forget buying a plain paper box, or those squeaky plastic ones chocolate tends to come in. Create your own origami box and put any keepsake you like in the center. Gifts instantly become cuter, and rings will look even brighter. Just like your date, this one’s a keeper.

Muji4 Muji5

Learn how to make an origami rose box here.

Wash Cloth Wrapped Box

If you’re no ace at wrapping, this is an easy way to impress- all you need is a wash cloth, twine, and any of the flowers you learned to make above. This is the most foolproof way of wrapping a gift without ugly edges or corners, but with a look that seems like it took you ages to come up with the design.


Wrap one MUJI wash cloth around a box, making sure all 4 ends are on top of the package. Twist together and secure with twine. You can also tuck a flower into the twine for an even sweeter look.

What are your gift ideas this Valentine’s? Any origami tips you’d like to share? Tell us with a comment below!

Pamela Cortez Pamela Cortez

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