Muffin Makes Sense Anymore: McDonald’s Brings All-Day Breakfast to Manila

Filipinos are devotees of the morning meal; we love it so much that we eat our almusal during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which makes this news even more exciting to us folk. After a successful roll-out in the US, McDonald’s is bringing a limited all-day breakfast menu to selected stores in Manila. The menu will include the newly launched Eggdesal sandwiches, Breakfast McMuffins, hotcakes, hash browns, and coffee, but there are no rice meals or McGriddles in sight. Who cares when your fantasies of layering hash browns in between the patties of your double cheeseburger, or pouring hotcake syrup over your vanilla sundae cone, are now reality?

CI1_McD copy

Starting today, the menu will make its way to branches in Greenbelt, Macapagal Ave, Bonifacio Stopover, to name a select few. For a complete list of McDonald’s branches with an all-day breakfast menu, click here.

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