Mister Delicious’s Ham is the Best Last Minute Gift Idea

December 22, 2015

Mister Delicious has built its name making some of the best smoked meats in Manila the last few years. It’s their pastrami and corned beef which have turned the company into a tiny juggernaut, churning out gargantuan sandwiches at Hole in the Wall. No surprise then that their holiday offerings are probably the best bet on the market, and should be replacing whatever off-the-discount-aisle sugary ham is on your Christmas table.

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Maybe we’ve tuned into it too late, but the Brown Sugar Glazed Smoked Ham (bone-in, PHP 2900; boneless, PHP 950) is a beastly thing of beauty, with a more complex flavor than your average leg. There is no outrageous sweetness here, only layers of tender meat, lightly glazed, then smoked slowly to create a near-genius product. It makes for an impressive last minute gift, especially when in their complete Meat Slab Box (PHP 2400), which adds their infamous slabs of bacon and corned beef brisket, and an array of pickles, salt, and sauerkraut to the mix.

What’s the your favorite Christmas ham in Manila? Let us know your ideal last minute food gift ideas below!

Mister Delicious

Address: Hole in the Wall, Century City Mall
Follow On: http://mrdelicious.ph
Number: +639479903747

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