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June 16, 2018

Musician and long-time restaurant owner (of cult-status TomatoKick in Quezon City, which has been open for 13 years) Paolo Bernaldo was always interested in creating condiments, with the original idea of TomatoKick revolving around that interest. The restaurant, however, developed into a local haunt as its menu expanded, and Bernaldo’s vision for bottled sauces was put on hold. But when Bernaldo’s life partner Jasmine Mendiola became pregnant with their first child, a daughter, Bernaldo became inspired to finally create the sauces brand he had always wanted. It took 3 years of development, and the brand was released in perfect timing with their birth of their second child born 2 years after their first, whom they named Pablo and whom they named the hot sauce brand after.

Flavored Heat is an appropriate description—while many hot sauces boast their placement on the scoville scale, the Pablo brand focuses more on the flavor of their sauces.

3 years of R&D led Bernaldo to 4 flavors, all spiced up with locally grown habañeros from Benguet and Bukidnon, and are blended with locally grown fruits to create a harmonious sweet-spicy balance that is distinctly Filipino. For something that with a punctuated flavor and heavy texture (perfect to pair with a rice dish), go for the Kalabasa curry. For the spice-aficionados, the Roasted Pineapple is their hottest variant that is ideal for grilled meats or (dare we say it) pizza. If you want something truly unusual, the Coco Garlic Banana is unlike any hot sauce we’ve had before and will tickle your curiosity. But we must admit that our favorite is the Mango Habañero, which brings to life fried chicken (or any chicken dish for that matter).

Don’t get us wrong—these hot sauces still pack a mighty punch!

More than their hot sauces, Pablo Flavored Heat also offers limited edition merchandise including a hot sauce stand that doubles as a speaker (Bernaldo designed it himself as he is a woodwork hobbyist), as well as t-shirts and caps designed in collaboration with Lei Melendres and John Ed De Vera (who also designed their logo).


Habañero-based hot sauces that combine the chili with locally-grown fruits for thick, flavor-focused spicy condiments.

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