Where to Find Mooncake in Metro Manila? Check Out Our Mooncake Directory!

September 2, 2019

The fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar is the mid-autumn festival. There are varying customs and auspicious beliefs among communities and cultures that honor the date, but it is essentially a thanksgiving version for those who follow the lunar calendar.

The mid-autumn festival is also the season of mooncakes, which are sold in the weeks leading up to and a little after the date. Mooncakes are eaten or given away to family members, friends, and business colleagues as a way to give thanks and share the luck. Most of them, even the mall stores, give discounts for those who buy in bulk. This traditional pastry has also seen movements of its own, from its usual lotus and bean fillings to newer and more daring variations such as chocolate, coffee, bacon, and foie gras.

Last year, we featured a list of not-so-ordinary mooncakes from China, and this year, we wanted to tap into Metro Manila as there so many new concessionaires taking this pastry to a higher level. So whether it’s for yourself to enjoy or to give away, here’s where you won’t luck out on finding better-tasting mooncake in Metro Manila.*

Bee Tin Grocery

  • Price Range: PHP 98-PHP 180 for an individual mooncake, PHP 900-PHP 1,180 for a box
  • Imported mooncake in varying traditional flavors, some are pork floss flavored. Budget soft boxes are also available for around PHP 100-PHP 200.

735 Ongpin Street, Binondo, Manila

Diao Eng Chay (DEC)

  • Price Range: PHP 120 for an individual yolk-less mooncake, PHP 220 for a box of four small yolk-less mooncakes.
  • Aluminum imported mooncakes cost PHP P800 upwards.
  • Imported mooncakes are available over the counter, but DEC also makes their own Buko Mooncakes that are popular for kids’ mooncake games.

Main branch in Salazar Street, Binondo, with other branches in Wilson Street, Annapolis, and Eastwood

Eng Bee Tin

  • Price Range: PHP 170-PHP 188 for an individual mooncake, PHP 560-PHP 700 for a box of mooncakes.
  • Available in Mixed Nuts with Ham, Lotus, Chocolate, Langka, Mochaccino, Pandan, Ube, and Snow Rose flavors.

Main Branch in 628 Ongpin Street, Binondo, Manila with two other branches in Binondo; more branches in Makati, Pasay, Antipolo, and Caloocan

Golden Bay Fresh Seafood Restaurant

  • Price Range: PHP 380 for an individual mooncake, and PHP 780-PHP 980 for a box of four mooncakes.
  • Made by their Hong Kong chefs. Available in White Lotus, Sesame Paste, and Green Tea flavors.

Lots 3&4 Super Block A
Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay City

Royal Garden Restaurant’s Far Eastern Mooncake

  • Price Range: PHP 127-PHP 160 for an individual mooncake, PHP 536-PHP 610 for box of mooncakes.
  • Mooncakes are available in Tausa, Mongo, Lotus, Mixed Nuts, and Ham and Nut flavors.

851 Ongpin Street, Binondo, Manila

Salazar Bakery

  • Price Range: PHP 125-PHP 240 for an individual mooncake, PHP 550-PHP 610 for box of mooncakes
  • Available in Lotus, Monggo, and Mixed Nut flavors.

Branches in Binondo, Cubao, SM City Manila, SM North Edsa, and SM Las Piñas

EDSA Shangri-La Summer Palace

  • Price Range: PHP 388-PHP 588+ for an individual mooncake, and PHP 2,088-PHP 3,688+ for a box of mooncakes.
  • Available in White Lotus (regular and sugar reduced), Red Bean, Mixed Nuts, Green Tea, Chestnuts, Wintermelon flavors.

Also available at EDSA Shangri-La Mall’s Main Wing, in the area fronting National Bookstore

Spring by Ha Yuan

Photo taken from Spring by Ha Yuan’s Facebook page

  • Price Range: PHP 58-PHP 108 for an individual mini mooncake, and PHP 188-PHP 208 for an individual large mooncake. Boxes range at around PHP 658-PHP 808.
  • Aside from classics, Spring has also collaborated with different chefs and cooks for premium gourmet mooncakes in flavors such as Almond Salted Caramel Truffle, Queso de Bola & Guava, Bacon & 5 Nuts, Foie Grois, Almond and Apricot, and more.

Branches in Makati, Quezon City, McKinley Hill, UST, and Lucky Chinatown Mall


  • Price Range: PHP 468-PHP 498 for an individual mooncake, and PHP 2,888 for a box of mooncakes
  • Fusion mooncakes with tea-based ingredients, in traditional and snowskin variety.
  • Interesting flavors include Red Lantern with Chocolate, nuts, and infused with their Red Lantern Tea, and Serenity with Coconut, White Chocolate, and a Kaya Mousse infused with Vanilla Bourbon Tea.

Branches in Greenbelt 5, The Power Plant, Robinson’s Galleria, High Street Central Square, Shangri-La Mall, Century City Mall, and Newport Mall

Know of other places to get good mooncake? Which other stores sell interesting flavors? Comment below to share it with us and other mooncake-craving readers.

*Note: Packaging also affects pricing, but in the interest of keeping things concise, the “box” refers to a packaged box with four large pieces mooncake unless stated otherwise.


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  1. Jon Sideno says:

    You got the best places to get mooncakes. You can also check Eng Ho bakery, Marland Bakery, Wan Kee Bakery. President Tea House also sells them. Causeway Seafood Restaurant as well.

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