Legazpi Sunday Market’s MOM has an Actual Organic Store Along Amorsolo Street, Makati

February 8, 2020

Eating organic is no longer just a trend. For those who are serious about leading a healthy life and taking care of our environment, eating and buying organic ingredients is the best and only option. But making it a lifestyle is another story and takes serious commitment. Makati has Mara Pardo de Tavera to thank for bringing organic options to the city. She brought Mara’s Original Market or MOM to the Legazpi Market, a stall that sells organic ingredients for the Sunday market crowd.

But easing one’s self into such a lifestyle takes time and tenacity. Thankfully, Mara hasn’t limited herself to introducing better ingredients and food at the Sunday market. Her store-slash-restaurant at the Gallery Building along Amorsolo Street serves organic meals that are filling, delicious, and healthy.


The store doesn’t draw a lot of attention to itself. It’s hidden among the larger Japanese restaurants and other establishments in the main building. But once inside the store, you’re transported to a homey and cozy environment. There are a few tables to accommodate walk-ins, and the staff greets customers with a friendliness only felt from visiting a home. The store is decorated with various art displays, several organic products such as moisturizing toner and smoke deodorizers lined on shelves, and even reading material for diners to take in while they wait for their meal.

The food choices appear a bit confusing at first on the menu. Diners have the choice of a Meat Choice (PHP 450) or Vegan Meal (PHP 350) for two plus a choice of rice, camote, noodles, or quinoa. The menu encourages you to mix and match ingredients, but on our visit, only the Chicken (PHP 400), Beef, and Lamb (PHP 550) plates were available. The plates include the said viand with generous servings of salad and sautéed zucchini. I ordered the lamb, which came with a large sauce bowl that contained the salad dressing. Three large lamb pieces were served separately in a bowl, while the salad, sautéed zucchini, and brown rice were in one plate. One of the staff even gave me another plate to make hacking off the lamb pieces easier. The price tag on the dish seemed expensive at first, but the way the meal was put together made me change my mind.


The salad came with garlic dressing. Unlike the usual cream-based dressings, MOM’s dressing was rich enough in flavor yet didn’t get in the way of the vegetables. The salad was bursting with carrots, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and radish slices. The vegetables were so fresh they were tasty on their own, but the dressing added a balanced flavor to the salad. The dressing’s quantity gives you the liberty of drowning the salad in the garlic sauce or drizzling just enough according to your taste. The zucchini was cooked in a sweet ginger-based sauce that stood out against the salad. I wouldn’t advise switching between the vegetables, as the garlic dressing and the ginger didn’t taste too well combined on the palate. Each portion is meant to be eaten on their own, as if you were having them as separate meals.

The lamb pieces were sticky and sweet with a barbecue glaze. Unlike more unhealthy options, however, the glaze didn’t have that fatty taste. I recommend mixing the lamb into the sauce more, as a lot of the glaze collected at the bottom. The meat was a bit tough to hack off, but easy to chew. Don’t be put off by the bones: there’s more than enough meat to share with one other person. Although the lamb could’ve used less glaze as it overpowered the rice and vegetables with its sweetness.

When it comes to eating healthy and fresh, the excess of vegetables puts many people off. People assume they won’t be full after a salad or a plate of vegetables. But MOM’s Store shows the clear difference between eating well and eating just to satisfy hunger. Eat fresh vegetables and you won’t have enough space for extra rice. MOM’s food isn’t too expensive either; other menu items are approachable even to the younger market. Their Facebook page advertises a mushroom sisig meal, siomai polonchai, chicken siomai, and mushroom siopao. Like a regular market, MOM’s Store has food for everyone.

Rating: 8/10

Have you tried the food served at the Mara’s Original Market Store? What are your favorite dishes? Tell us in the comments below.

This review was conducted solely by the author, who did not accept any form of cash advertising, invitation, sponsorship or payment. It was paid for by the author or, and the views represented are purely the writer’s own.

MOM Store

Address: G/F The Gallery Building, Amorsolo Street, Makati City

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