Miuccia’s Surreally Rich Tasting and Dreamily Packaged Tin Cakes Will Make You Feel Like Royalty

July 25, 2018

Len Beltran-Dorado has been a baker since the precocious age of 7, a skill she learned from her mother who would often bake for her fellow diplomat-wives during Beltran-Dorado’s childhood growing up in Europe. In the middle of last year, Beltran-Dorado tells us, she received the sign she was looking for that led her to leave her job to give her full attention to baking.

After traveling, learning from the masters of sugar art, and playing around in my tiny kitchen, I prayed, and asked the Universe for two brides who would be so chill that working with them would be a dream. I asked for a sign. And I got it! In June 2017, I had two  wedding cakes. And a few more after that.”

That same year, Beltran-Dorado developed what she calls her Dreamcakes under the Miuccia Luxe Cakes brand (Miuccia being a diminutive of her name Maria, and her nickname). They are intensely rich, with chocolate as the center focus as a thick layer on top that you must break through with a fork. You’re rewarded with a somewhat creamy, mousse-like (though thicker) layer beneath, and under that is a crumble that adds to the plethora of flavors and textures.

The cakes come in the three sizes pictured, and last forever in your fridge.

With its chocolate sponge, vanilla white frosting, peanut butter cookie dough and Belgian chocolate ganache, the Reese’s Inspired cake goes beyond any grocery snack (no hate; we love Reese’s) into an utter luxury, making us wonder if peanut butter has ever tasted so high brow.  The Mint Chocolate Chip is just the treat that fans of the genre (from After Eight‘s to the ice cream) have been looking for. The Bunny Hugger, a carrot cake crossed with Food for the Gods with vanilla/lime vanilla/graham frosting, pecans and walnuts, is perhaps the best version of a carrot cake we’ve had, and it doesn’t even have cream cheese. But the team’s favorite by far is the Ferrero-inspired Praline Crunch, that takes all the best things about Ferrero Rocher surpasses it in taste, quality, and addictiveness. (Sorry, are we gushing?)

Miuccia Luxe Cakes are what Beltran-Dorado describes as plant-based, and no that doesn’t mean they are made of bark and leaves (please lang). They are free from dairy, honey and gelatin or any other animal product, in line with Beltran-Dorado’s personal lifestyle and advocacy. They also believe in using organic, local, and eco-friendly ingredients whenever possible, though never at the expense of quality, which can attested  by anyone on first bite.


A line of rich vegan tin cakes.

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