Mitza’s Good Eats Will Make You Want to Have Dips for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

December 15, 2018

Mitza Sandejas grew up very comfortable in the kitchen. She tells us that she has always enjoyed cooking, especially with her Iranian grandmother (Sandejas is half-Iranian), who she said was always fun to be with in the kitchen because of her “no rules” approach to cooking. This allowed Sandejas to be as creative as she wanted to be, giving her room to think outside the boxes of types of cuisines.

This will last up to a week in your fridge as long as you don’t double dip.

Because of this, her cooking is highly influenced by what she likes as much as it was by what she was raised eating, such that her kitchen creations take influences from Spanish, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern food. And she tells us she never compromises her dishes to suit customer’s tastes. “If I like something, that’s what I’m going to serve. I’m not going to adjust to you,” she says with a rebellion we admire.

Sandejas recommends that you store this hummus at the center and back of your fridge where it is coldest to make it last. Don’t double dip as well, and if you really want to stretch it out, always flatten the hummus and make sure there’s a layer of olive oil covering it before closing and storing.

One of those ‘rule-breaking’ dishes is her Whipped Paneer Chermoula. “Chermoula is actually a marinade,” she explains. But she wanted something tangy to go with the whipped cheese, so she played around with it to come up with this winning recipe. This was never meant to be on her menu of dips (because there was no way to make it look pretty, she says, as it can only be packed in a round plastic container instead of a glass jar), but her friends encouraged that she sell it anyway because once people taste it they won’t care about the packaging (and they’re right.).

One of the easiest ways to enjoy these dips is with roasted cauliflower, but you can also refer to Sandejas’ Instagram for more serving ideas.

Being half-Iranian, Mitza says that hummus was an obvious dip to include in her repertoire. But she does hummus her own way. “Traditional hummus [in the Middle-East] is comparable to peanut butter,” she says. “This one is more tangy and garlicky.” She points out that she owns a shawarma pop-up business, so she simply loves everything with a good garlic kick. Which is also why she decided to include the creamy and chipotle garlic sauces, that are so flavorful by themselves that you can just eat them by the spoonful (which we admit we did once the cauliflower ran out, #sorrynotsorry).


Mitza’s Good Eats

Middle-Eastern inspired dips in a jar.

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