Mister Delicious’ Everyday Foods Line Gets You Great Meals at Home in Ten Minutes

April 10, 2018

Famed for their stellar smoked and cured meats and artisanal pantry items, the folks of Mister Delicious sure know their food, churning out stellar food that does justice to their name. More than that though, owners Jen and Jeremy Slagle understand the struggle most folks would be able to relate to: one of getting food to the table—especially with the hustle and bustle of daily living.

L: The Green Hummus is an ingenious take on hummus, with malunggay blitzed in with the chickpeas for an earthy, nutty mix. | R: The Roasted Tomato Soup makes for a great starter all year round, being both vibrant enough for the summer months and hearty enough for the rainy days.

Much as home cooking has its advantages—from being healthier and cheaper to helping shave away stress—factors such as work schedules, personal commitments, and Manila traffic (“[it’s] oppressive,” says Jeremy) make it a luxury for many. The alternatives aren’t necessarily better: dining out can take its toll on your bank account, while fast food and instant noodles can take its toll on your physical health.

With that, the two sought to find a happy medium—and the result is Everyday Foods, a line of convenience-driven, boil-in-bag foods that are not only a snap to prepare, but boast of creative flavor combinations, versatile applications, and great execution.

L: Have a fiesta and top tortillas or nacho chips with the tender and flavorful Pork Carnitas, which Mister Delicious does the old-fashioned way—confited in pork fat with orange, cinnamon, and spices. | R: The Smoked Pork Hock Minestrone is a one-pot balanced meal in itself, with Mister Delicious’ cured, smoked ham hock giving the Italian classic a welcome, meaty depth. (Amazingly, the vegetables stay tender without being soggy.)

From appetizers to mains, Everyday Foods has you covered: soups, dips, stews, sauces, and more, all packed into heatproof, vacuum-sealed bags that can be stored right in the freezer. Think great, restaurant-worthy dishes lovingly prepared, and all made with great taste and quality in mind. Slow-cooked where applicable (as in most of the stews, to fully develop flavors and get meats to the proper succulence), blast-frozen, and vacuum-sealed (ensuring food safety and keeping the fresher components—e.g. the vegetable and herb bits—tasting as fresh as they’re meant to be), you get all the great qualities of a meal made from scratch with great ingredients, sans the hassle.

L: Not yo’ mama’s pasta sauce (but every bit as comforting), the Pastrami Bolognese is made extra umami with Mister Delicious’ signature Pastrami. | R: Go Southeast Asian with the ultra-succulent, aromatic Beef Rendang atop freshly-steamed rice.

Preparation is a breeze: boil water in a pot and drop the package right in (straight from frozen), and you’ll be ready to dig in within ten minutes. There’s a product for every occasion, whether you’re dining solo (try the Smoked Pork Hock Minestrone), feeding the family (bring out the ultra-tender Beef Rendang), or hosting a get-together (dip into the Green Hummus as pica-pica fare, or stuff the Pork Carnitas into tortillas for a fun taco night with the gang). Notably, the Mister Delicious team takes a fresh approach to comfort food—employing certain techniques (such as roasting tomatoes in their Roasted Tomato Soup to bring out the fruit’s natural sweetness), adding in novel components (like earthy malunggay in the Green Hummus), and utilizing other Mister Delicious cured and smoked meats (e.g., their Pastrami for their Bolognese)—that improve classics without taking away from their defining essence.

Keep your freezer stocked and you’ll have a meal in minutes.

“We always try to put ourselves in the shoes of our end user and ask ourselves what they would want at the end of a long work day,” shares Jeremy. With a couple of packs in the freezer, you’re never more than a few minutes away from a great meal.

Mister Delicious Everyday Foods

Creative, high-quality frozen dishes in heatproof packs ready for boiling.

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