Mik-Mik Powdered Donuts Recipe: You Probably Won’t Choke on These

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Angela Lim (@angeblim),
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If you’ve never choked on Mik-Mik, you’re lying. The sweetened powder is infamous for its ability to get you coughing up a storm. Heck, that experience is probably the number one reason people buy the stuff. These Mik-Mik powdered donuts won’t necessarily replicate that sensation. But they do bring a different sense of joy (or frustration?) from eating messy, powdery fried balls.

Good luck eating these without making a mess.

In all honesty, the Mik-Mik powder itself isn’t anything extraordinary. The milk-flavored version is like regular non-creamy powdered milk. Meanwhile, the chocolate-flavored Mik-Mik has a dark-ish cocoa taste that goes stale in a flash. But the flavor is nostalgic more than anything, bringing up memories of pretending the powder was some kind of drug or cigar.

Fun fact: The creator of Mik-Mik made it red and white, following the look of other milk brands (e.g. Alaska and Carnation).

Unlike most donut recipes, these Mik-Mik powdered donuts don’t need any yeast; cutting down your over-all cooking time to just 30 minutes, since you don’t have to wait for your dough to rise. The trade-off is that your donuts won’t be as fluffy or airy. Instead, expect it to be chewy and slightly dense. Without the Mik-Mik coating, the donut part of this recipe makes for a good base no-rise donut recipe. You can play around with that, too, tossing it or dipping it in whatever you like.

Or you can always just inhale this with those tiny straws.

The Mik-Mik, mixed with sugar, comes as the powdered coating at the end. We used the milk-flavored powder for this recipe, but you can always go the chocolate Mik-Mik route. Toss your donuts in the Mik-Mik and sugar mixture while they’re hot. This ensures that the coating sticks to the donuts, instead of just immediately falling off.

Mik-Mik Powdered Donuts Recipe



Serving Size

2-4 people

Active Time

30 mins

Total Time

30 mins

Instructions for Mik-Mik Powdered Donuts

  1. 1. Line a baking sheet with a few layers of paper towels, then top with a wire cooling rack. Set aside.
  2. Pour oil into heavy-bottomed pan (dutch oven or deep cast iron), until oil is about 2 inches deep. Heat over medium heat until about 350F.
  3. While oil is heating, whisk together flour, cocoa powder, sugar, baking powder, and salt in a large mixing bowl. In a separate mixing bowl, whisk together the milk, egg, and water
  4. Pour the wet ingredients into the mixing bowl with the dry ingredients. Stir together for a few seconds with a wooden spoon. Add melted butter, and stir until mixture forms a thick batter.
  5. Once oil is hot enough, use a cookie scooper and scoop up the batter, and drop them into the hot oil. It’s best to drop the batter from just above the oil to minimize oil splashing.
  6. Add about 8 donut holes to the oil in one batch, and fry about 2 minutes per side. Remove fried donuts and place on prepared cooling rack/baking sheet and let cool for about 5 minutes (or cool enough to handle with your hands).
  7. Add the remaining sugar and Mik Mik to a shallow bowl. Add donut holes and toss in the bowl to coat.
  8. Serve and enjoy!

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