These Spicy Wontons from a Chinese Hole-in-a-Wall are Dangerously Addicting

November 8, 2019

Metro Manila is a place that never runs out of good Chinese restaurants. I probably have more Chinese restaurant recommendations for visiting balikbayans or foreign friends than places to go for Filipino food. Among these must-visits would be Mien San Noodle House, a restaurant I recently tried during one of our post-meeting lunches. The restaurant is along a street only residents of nearby areas probably pass, but Mien San stands out with its large red sign amid the smaller and less attention-grabbing establishments along the road.


The restaurant is a spacious area that welcomes large groups and families to feast on the menu’s generous servings. The menu includes familiar family lunch favorites such as steamed pork dumplings, fried shrimp dumplings, century egg with pork congee, cold cut platters, and various rice topping meals that include beef with tendon, fish tempura, and staples like chopsuey rice. But for those who want to try something a little different yet still consume large amounts (or share them), their Beef with Tendon Dry Noodle (PHP 228) serves thick, juicy pieces of tendon laid on a bed of dry noodles and pechay. But that’s not just it: this plate comes with a warm bowl of beef broth and two large chunks of bulalo. Another item that’s a must try is their Spicy Wonton (PHP 128); one order gets you six thick pieces swimming in their sweet and spicy sauce. To complete our visit, we also ordered the Sialong Pao or Xiao Long Bao (PHP 128 for 4 pieces), which the waitress said was a bestseller among their customers.


Beef with Tendon Dry Noodle (PHP 228)

The Beef with Tendon Dry Noodle was just as dangerously delicious as my last visit. The tendon slices were almost pillowy-soft on each bite and held enough flavor that I nearly licked the fat. The noodles needed no extra sauce whatsoever since the tendon pieces were able to moisten them and the neutral taste was there to balance the overwhelming oiliness of the fat. The pechay, green onions, and carrots practically tasted like the beef, so I suggest parents have their children eat this if they’re averse to vegetables. By the time I was halfway through the noodle plate, I could only have a little of the bowl of bulalo. The broth offered a comforting sip and the bones held just enough meat to suck off.


Spicy Wontons (PHP 128)

The Spicy Wontons are another order that serves more than what you pay for in terms of quantity and flavor. One dumpling isn’t too small or too big; its size is enough to absorb the sweet and spicy soy sauce. The wrapper is soft yet doesn’t fall off, making it neat and easy for one to enjoy each bite. Although our order wasn’t as spicy as my last visit, I also enjoyed the contrast provided by the added sweetness.


Sialong Pao or Xiao Long Bao (PHP 128)

The Sialong Pao order didn’t have as many pieces as the wonton items, but the reasonable price of PHP 128 got us four large steamed buns. There was a lot of soup inside but it was easy to sip if the bun was bitten off the top. Although since the pao’s bottom held a significant amount of soup, an accidental spillage could occur. The pork had a clean taste thanks to the ginger. The sizes were rather large, which worked for a voracious eater like me, but could come off as messy for those who prefer to eat in smaller bites.

Mien San is a place for both friends and family to gather, or even for two extremely hungry individuals who want to pig out. Prices are within a reasonable range and the quality delivered is consistent. Service is also attentive, facilities very clean, and taste buds are satisfied and surprised with each dish.

What is your favorite dish from Mien San Noodle House? What else do you recommend from this restaurant? Tell us in the comments section below!

Mien San Noodle House

Address: 42 Granada St, Valencia, Quezon City

Gela Velasco Gela Velasco

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5 responses to “These Spicy Wontons from a Chinese Hole-in-a-Wall are Dangerously Addicting”

  1. Volts Sanchez says:

    “…the bones held just enough meat to suck off.” Hehe.

    On a more serious note, how many ways are there to spell Xiao Long Bao? This place looks good and the prices are great but since it’s in QC, I’ll probably never get to try it #sucks

  2. meg says:

    I will always love miensan!!! Love love their mapo tofu!!

  3. Christine Lim says:

    i love mien san! the only down side is terrible parking.

  4. Johnny Wu says:

    Hardly a hole in the wall, I say. Everyone in San Juan and the New Manila side of QC knows about this place.

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