Mead Isn’t Just For Vikings—Have the Honey Wine That’s Been Fermented Locally by Ilustrado Brews

June 30, 2018

Mead is believed to be one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in the world (if not the oldest), and is often cited in history, books, and folktales. But friends Sam Santos, Martin Martinez, Luigi Cortez and Paeng Valenzuela bring fantasy into life with their very own local brand of mead, or honey-wine (note that some cultures differentiate the two, though in others they are used synonymously) that they call Sinta (meaning ‘darling’), a Filipino term of endearment much like the word ‘honey’ is used.

The four began brewing mead when Martinez’s brother started an apiary, which allowed the brewers to have a steady supply of honey. They originally started brewing the mead for personal consumption, but after a year of development they realized that they had a marketable product in their hands, with a sweet, smooth, sippable drink that “still packs a punch”, says Santos. Santos tells us that even people who don’t normally drink alcohol enjoy their mead, a point of pride for the group as Santos jokingly likens it to the feeling a parent may get to getting their child to eat vegetables (though don’t give Sinta to your children please).

Ilustrado Brews hopes that through their newfound company, they can support local culture and arts through events and partnerships so keep an eye open for one that could be popping up near you. You can pick up a bottle of Sinta at Roots Katipunan, a co-working space and lifestyle store with a similar thrust.


A local brewery that specializes in mead, or honey-wine, that they call Sinta.

SPEND: PHP 750 a bottle
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