Marvin Gaerlan Tells Us the Story behind @pancitlove, and Shares the Secret to Any Good Pancit Dish

It’s common knowledge that the term “pancit” doesn’t refer to any one noodle dish exclusively. The Filipino fare has several variations. And while many think the differences only apply regionally, Marvin Gaerlan (@pancitlove on Instagram) proves that it varies inasmuch as kitchen to kitchen. On this episode of Cooking With, Marvin drops by take us into his world of pancit—and lets us in on the secret behind the good ones.

Marvin has always loved pancit, but his passion was really fueled by a decade-long obsession of recreating a sotanghon dish. It was served to him by his now father-in-law years before he even married his wife. (Spoiler alert—he figured it out later on.) He started @pancitlove in 2012, but only began posting about his different pancit discoveries a year after.

Pancit Maciang-ong masarap.

Working in logistics, he often travels across the region. And whenever he’s somewhere new, he makes sure to ask locals where he can find great pancit in the area. That’s how he found out about Pancit Maciang, a pancit recipe by Aling Maciang of San Pedro, Laguna.

Up-front, Pancit Maciang looks like your average pancit dish. But it has a great depth of flavor coming from its broth, made from water used to soak some of its ingredients. What truly sets it apart though are its toppings: fried eggs and banana ketchup.



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