The Best Markets in Manila That Aren’t Legazpi and Salcedo

Legazpi and Salcedo Markets have become so trendy these days, that it’s almost a prerequisite to upload a photo on Instagram if you’re spending Saturday or Sunday brunch there. But the novelty of the farmers’ market isn’t just relegated to these now-hip places; there are plenty more that offer just as varied a selection of products and food stalls. From organic produce to fresh seafood to undiscovered treats, these markets should be next on your shopping bucket list.

1. Sidcor Sunday Market

Image from Rammmpa

Even before its new home in Eton Centris, early morning patrons would flock from all over to catch the Sidcor Sunday Market. Known for its selection of flora, including everything from flowering plants to trees and wholesale products, it has grown bigger and bigger, and now includes a varied food market that could rival that of Legazpi and Salcedo. There’s tons of native food, from bagnet to cassava, and even stalls that sell Greek bread and foreign delights. Sidcor has its fair share of organic fruits and vegetables, too, and a sizeable seafood market. But really, come here to get a good deal on all kinds of housewares and clothing at wholesale prices, or the prettiest plants for your budding garden.

Sidcor Sunday Market

Address: Eton Centris Walk Parking Lot along EDSA before North Ave.
Hours: Open only on Sundays, 6AM to 2PM

2. AANI Weekend Market

Image from Pork in the Road

Run by the Agri-Aqua Network International, Inc., the weekend market at FTI is a major discovery for anyone looking to stock up on produce at home. This collective helps smaller farmers and purveyors showcase their wares, resulting in a diverse market that specializes in the freshest organic produce in the city. Come early if you want to get good deals on seafood, sourced everywhere from Davao to Batangas, or free-range chicken and eggs. This is really the place to build up your pantry, and you can even discover regional specialties, fruits, and vegetables that you might not have seen before.

AANI Weekend Market

Address: FTI Complex, Taguig City
Hours: Open Saturdays and Sundays, 5AM to 5PM

3. Farmer’s Market

Image from 1 Pot Wonders

We’ve got our own guide to wandering about in Farmer’s Market, which is one of the cleanest and largest public markets in Metro Manila. While we might all have our own suki, Farmer’s is the best place to go for the beginner, an easy-to-navigate space that has plenty of wet and dry goods to explore. It’s a sprawling place, but you can find almost anything here, from pasalubong for relatives to what you’ll be cooking for dinner. Aside from the general market, Farmer’s has a famous dampa smack in the middle of it all, where you can bring your finds (they’ve even got local uni!) and enjoy a fresh and delicious meal.

Farmer’s Market

Address: General Araneta, Cubao, Quezon City

4. Greenfield Market

Image from: Club BNB

Since Mercato Centrale is no longer the place it once was, Greenfield Market is now the place to be. Running from 4:00 PM to 12 midnight, it’s the best place to bring family or hang out with friends on a Saturday night. It’s a hectare of well-arranged white tents, under which you’ll find a selection of food that can beat Mercato’s offerings any day. There’s almost 90 stalls in the whole park, where you can find Indonesian sates, Japanese takoyaki, fresh sausages, and more. There’s even a space reserved for local art and knick-knacks of all sorts. At night, there’s often live bands at the market, turning the family-friendly atmosphere into something entirely different.

Greenfield Market

Address: Greenfield District Central Park, via EDSA cor Shaw Blvd. along Mayflower St.
Hours: Every Saturday from 4PM to 12AM

Have you tried any of these markets? What’s your favorite Philippine product or produce that you’ve discovered at a market? Share with us below!

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  1. Hi Pamela! I’m Thien from Vietnam.

    Thanks greatly for your sharing! Your article is really detailed and interesting.
    Hope that you can visit our country – Vietnam and share such useful tips like this one. You can refer to Things to do in Vietnam for more interesting suggestions.

  2. the south will have one very very soon…opening Feb 14, 2015. simply called The BF Saturday Market!!!!

  3. I have been to both Sidcor and Greenfield. I like that they are very accessible because they can be reached via the MRT stations Quezon Ave. & Shaw, respectively.

    I like best Greenfield Market because though it may have less than the number of stalls in other weekend markets, there is a good variety and you could get a week’s supply. Then there is that big open space in the middle where people can sit down (tables & chairs or banig/mats are provided) to enjoy their food and music. And it does not only have bands, I have caught performances of string quartets that play both classical & modern music. One can enjoy a relaxing Saturday night there.

  4. The South sorely needs one. Soderno folded up pretty quickly since it was pretty meh. Now, Evia along Daang Hari’s trying to get one started, but the merchant selection isn’t up to par yet. Calling entreps! We like eating in the South too!

  5. “Mercato Centrale is no longer the place it once was” – truer words were never spoken. I used to love Mercato, back when it was still in its 1st location. It was so much fun, and there was a sense of community between the vendors and the customers. Then it quite quickly just lost that…

    1. i agree, mercato was used to be the place to go, how fast it rise its how fast they drown, i had been a fan of mercado and midnight mercado, a friend of mine used to sell his products at mercato told me that politics within the group is to be blamed. The mercado group also opened one in marquee mall angeles and moa, been to both and sadly the luster faded to quickly. It was very promising =(

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