Manila Cookie Story Flaunts Philippine History and Culture through Their Shortbread Cookies

July 13, 2019

After two years of planning, Manila Cookie Story launched in October 2018 to disrupt the country’s evolving pasalubong (souvenir) scene. Everything about the brand—from the flavors to the packaging—is inspired by the Philippines. And why cookies? Well, as their founder always says, “because cookies make [everyone] happy!”

The cookies are shaped like the eight ray sun on the Philippine flag.

Their shortbread cookies come in four variants, three of which are favorite Filipino flavors: plain butter, tsokolate, kape barako, and queso de bola. The latter two are our favorites—the kape barako has a bitter and robust taste, while the queso de bola has a tinge of saltiness to it. They source their ingredients locally (except the queso de bola); the chocolate comes from South Cotabato and the coffee comes from Batangas.

The cookies come in special packages that symbolize different facets of the country’s history and culture. They have tins shaped like a jeepney and boxes that depict local weaving traditions and Philippine festivals. Each container has a story attached on the side that tells you more about these.

Their sturdy packaging makes it convenient to store in your luggage without having to worry that the cookies might crumble.

Manila Cookie Story is available in the pre-departure areas of all Ninoy Aquino International Airport terminals (and select Rustans markets). It’s a great treat to bring to OFW’s craving for flavors that will remind them of home, as well as new friends in foreign countries who want to learn more about the Philippines.

Manila Cookie Story

Pasalubong short-bread cookies inspired by the Philippines.

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