Mango Street Company’s Vegan Kombucha Tea Comes in Six Fruity Flavors

July 20, 2019

Co-founders Chrissy Bernardo, Maxine Maxey, and Julien Razo originally created Mango Street Company to be a mango shake brand. But when they started in 2018, they noticed that people were shifting towards healthier lifestyles. So they decided to change with the times. They kept their original name, but started making kombucha, instead.

Unlike other kombucha brands, Mango Street Company doesn’t add any more sugar into their drinks after fermentation. Instead, they use mangoes as natural sweeteners, making it “more palatable to Filipino tastes”—an “introductory kombucha,” as they describe it. Their selection also generally leans towards fruity flavors as a way to contrast the sourness of the fermented beverage. They currently have six variants that rotate depending on what fruits are in season.

Are you a one bottle or a one liter type of person?

We always stick to local [produce] because supporting local farmers is very important [to us]. Kombucha is [popularly] known as a [high-end] product so by [promoting it as using local ingredients], it just kind of opens the eye[s] of the general public to [turn to] local products rather than just focus on imported [ones].

Our favorite is the Green Chi, which we find as the most refreshing of the bunch (that cucumber and mint combo—genius!). All the flavors have that signature sour kombucha kick, even in the sweeter ones like Pineapple Breeze and Tropical Passionfruit. But all-in-all, everything is very easy to drink. You don’t really taste the mango in any of them, but the sweetness that it brings comes through in every sip. For the purists, they do carry plain classic kombucha, too.

The ‘bucha gang’s all here!

Their products comes in 300mL and 1L Art Deco-inspired bottles, which you can order online. Pro tip: get PHP15 your next liter by returning the large container from your previous order. They’re also available in several restaurants in BGC, including Providore, Go Vegan, and Craft Salad.

Mango Street Company hopes to expand their menu in the near future. Anyone up for some hard—read: alcoholic—kombucha?

Mango Street Company

Home-brewed vegan kombucha.

CONTACT: (0917) 840-6677 / mango.street.company@gmail.com
SPEND: PHP180-450
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