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Mang Tootz Serves Rum-Spiked Turon at PHP4 Apiece

June 14, 2019

As Mang Larry’s is to UP and Ate Rica’s Bacsilog is to DLSU, Mang Tootz is to UST (and the rest of U-Belt). The hole-in-the-wall carinderia on P. Noval Street has saved hungry penny-pinching (or peso-pinching?) students with rice meals below PHP100. They serve usual home-cooked Filipino fare, but they also have non-typical options like Korean BBQ and Mediterranean-style chicken kebab.

Let it rain powdered sugar!

But everyone really goes to Mang Tootz for Bananarhum-a, their rum-spiked (you barely taste it!) version of turon. They deep-fry batches by the wok, and sell each piece at PHP4—so you get a plate of five for only PHP20! They go pretty quickly, but that only means that you’ll probably get your turon hot and fresh each time.

Mang Tootz Foodhouse

A hole-in-the-wall carinderia known for their rum-spiked turon.

Address: 1135 P. Noval Street, Sampaloc, Manila
VISIT: 10AM-6PM Mondays to Fridays / 10AM-2PM on Saturdays / Closed on Sundays
CONTACT: (02) 736-7957
SPEND: PHP20-150
FOLLOW: Facebook

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