Man on the Moon makes a Calamansi Cold Brew that Makes More Sense Than We’d Ever Imagine

August 25, 2017

Sid Cabatingan’s interest in coffee started in early high school, during a sleepover with his cousin and a secret mission to acquire instant coffee from the nearest sari-sari store in the middle of the night. He describes the story in great detail as his partner, girlfriend Dan Aragon, attempts to withhold her laughter (“Badass pa yun at the time . . . pero kape lang!”). After his cousin and he acquired the sachets, he recalls them quietly mixing the bitter black coffee with creamer in order to make it more palatable to their coffee-virgin lips. The next day, his mother discovered their evening activities and berated them as though they had committed a small crime. But it was too late: his interest in coffee had been sparked. What had been an symbol of rebellion in high school, grew into a functional necessity in college, a social activity after college, and eventually an obsession.

The first two products developed by Cabatingan of Man on the Moon.

“My dream in life is to put up my own coffee shop,” says Cabatingan. So he decided to start small with a home-based business. “Cold brew is the easiest way to go [since] I don’t need a machine.” The idea to start the cold brew brand came to him in December, and with the help of Aragon in creating a logo and brand name, they launched Man on the Moon in March with the flagship Black Hole cold brew, made from a blend of Sumatra and Barako beans. 2 weeks later, he launched the Milky Way blend (with milk and sweetened with honey as they try to avoid refined sugar). But the concoction that is really, ahem, out of this world is the Solstice.

The pair often gets enthusiastic reactions on their packaging. The brand was named after their shared interest in celestial bodies.

“[Over] summer, I knew I wanted to make a [brew] with lemon,” he explains. The development for the Solstice took more research, time, and patience than any of the other products. But through the countless trials-and-errors that eventually brought the Solstice to the Benguet coffee-calamansi blend they use today, it was well-worth it, as Man on the Moon offers a citrus coffee drink that was truly original, delightfully uplifting, and proudly local.

The matcha-coffee blend gives you an extra energy boost when just coffee isn’t enough.

“The solstice has the most controversial reactions,” laughs Aragon. “It’s the weirdest one of the bunch,” continues Cabatingan. “Either you really like it, or you don’t.” But for us at Pepper.PH, we fall into the former category, sipping on our calamansi cold brews like we have a problem.


Man on the Moon is a local brand of dark roast cold brew.

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