Making Tapas with Geri & Tori of G&T Private Dining

February 28, 2019

Geri Camahort, who studied HRM, always had an interest in cooking, but that interest grew into a career after she took a culinary class as an elective. Tori Olbes, on the other hand, has been baking in the kitchen she was a child, and starting cooking as she got older. The two, who are in the same barkada, started out doing meals for their friends at home, with Camahort at the helm and Olbes assisting. That’s how G&T Private Dining began.

The two have come up with a system that they both enjoy thoroughly, and one that works for the both of them. With Olbes doing the prep work, and Camahort doing the cooking, the two work together to refine recipes. Camahort creates the recipes, Olbes gives her input and advice, and they work on it until they have something they are both happy with, they explain.


Note that the private dining service is not catering service. Instead of having the full shebang with waiters, tables, chaffing dishes and all, G&T will come into your kitchen bringing all the raw ingredients (some already prepped) and use your home kitchen to prepare a multi-course meal, working within your budget and specifications. They even do lunch platters for office meetings or birthdays, as well as menu consultancy for restaurants. Just make sure to call them a week in advance, especially for dinners, which need time to source specialty ingredients.


G&T Private Dining

A private dining service that also does menu consultancy and office platters.

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