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Making Pizza with Crosta Pizzeria

April 16, 2018

With numerous styles available in the country—from the cracker-thin to the bread-y thick, from the rustic Neapolitan to the over-the-top deep-dish sorts—it takes a special kind of pizza to stand out from the crowd. One such pizza manages to achieve this, however, with a special sourdough crust that’s crisp on the outside, chewy and airy on the inside, and redolent with the complex, yeasty flavor that matches just about any topping you can think of: that of The Social on Ebro’s Crosta Pizzeria. “We wanted to serve pizzas the way we like them,” shares co-founder Ingga Cabangon-Chua, and what started as a sincere love for the pie motivated her and partner Tom Woudwyk to start experimenting with baking up their very own.

Taking after their fondness for sourdough bread, the pair developed a similar sourdough crust that could well hold its own. “It was trial and error for years, and a lot of research . . . went into how certain ingredients interact with each other.” Cabangon-Chua explains the many variables that factor into making the dough, with the manual labor leading to possible differences in how the dough is stretched and which exact part of the oven it is baked. But they embrace these factors as part of the artisanal craft of pizza-making, accepting that each pie will be different and instead learning to adapt to any changes. “As clichéd as it may sounds, our pizzas really are a labor of love,” she laughs. “But . . . we’d have it no other way because that’s what makes pizza, to us, delicious.”

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