We’ve Made a Batch of Really Decadent Milkshakes with These Homemade Ice Cream Brands

March 3, 2020

What better way to beat the summer heat than with a tall glass of the velvety, frothy, ice-cold milkshake? You can only stay holed up in an air-conditioned room for so long. A milkshake is possibly one of the most convenient (and not to mention fun) frosty treats you can whip up for yourself at home as a summer pick-me-up. In the true spirit of DIY, we decided to have a little fun and use combinations of handmade ice cream from some home ice cream purveyors in the metro. If you’re a fan of the creative flavors from Up in the Clouds, Chill Pill, or Adam’s Seriously Good Ice Cream, then you might want to get out your blender and give some of our imaginative milkshakes a try.

Up in the Clouds: The Girl Scout


Think somewhere between an adventurous, outdoorsy campfire and a soothing plate of milk and cookies you might have before bed and you’ve got yourself a glass of Girl Scout. The motley flavors of cinnamon graham with chocolate and marshmallows from the Campfire S’mores flood the palate on the first sip. Another reveals the more understated, but still distinct, taste of cookie dough and mingling cookie crumbs from the Milk and Cookies. Topped with gooey, roasted marshmallows and swirled with a little more cinnamon to balance out the sweetness, this milkshake will refresh you and at the same time, make you feel all warm and gooey inside.

Number: 09175334951 / 09228066412
Email: upinthecloudsicecream@yahoo.com

Adam’s Seriously Good Ice Cream: Ginger Ninja


Most people would not even consider drinking a spicy milkshake, but we urge you strongly: do so. We combined Adam’s Black Sesame Street and Wasabi ice cream, and got Ginger Ninja, possibly one of the best milkshakes we’ve ever had. You’ll taste the Black Sesame Street first: boldly nutty sesame with piquant ginger. The tangy chaser that leaves a subtle echo of spice down your throat is the Wasabi ice cream, made with real wasabi root fresh from Japan. Throw in some sweet Japanese red bean at the base and top with delicate Matcha green tea powder, and you’ll find that the distinct flavors complement each other so well that it’s like an Oriental fireworks display for the taste buds.

Email: info@adamsicecream.com / adamsicecream@gmail.com
Number: (02) 890-1284, or 09178982826

Chill Pill: Spring Fling


This creamy concoction, a tribute to the panna cotta, is a must-try for those afflicted with a sweet tooth. The Tequila Flowers ice cream, colored a blushing pink and made with rosy tequila, is an enticing strawberry and liquor combination. When emulsified with pudding mix and Silvery Lune ice cream— a rich, off-white bouquet of flavors ranging from berries to green tea— you get Spring Fling, a glass of unique floral sweetness. The finishing touch, petals of edible blue pea flower, makes this milkshake the picture perfect drink that emanates spring.

Email: chillpillicecream@gmail.com

Which milkshake would you concoct with these homemade ice cream purveyors? Let us know your combos below!

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