Make Crunchy Rice for This Satisfying Asian Tuna Recipe

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Whether it’s Spanish soccarat, Persian tahdig or Filipino tutong, crispy rice is one of those simple, easy pleasures that elicits the same comforting response wherever you are in the world. Rice bowls can get repetitive, so this recipe uses crispy rice as a base instead, and brings a lot of texture to an otherwise familiar pairing.

To top our crispy rice, we’ve partnered with San Miguel del Mar to create a no-cook dressed topping that comes together in no time but highlights the quality of their premium tuna. What’s great about their product is that each can is made with no extenders, and no preservatives, and their 100% pure tuna chunks. Their bigger tuna chunks hold up to being tossed in a bowl with vinegar, soy sauce, hot sauce, and sesame oil, so each bite packs a ton of bright, spicy flavor.

Spicy Crunchy Tuna Rice Bowl Recipe



Serving Size

2 people

Active Time

30 mins

Total Time

30 mins

  1. In a bowl, mix together soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, hot sauce, sesame oil, black and white sesame seeds, red onion, and spring onion until well combined.
  2. Add in the San Miguel Del Mar Tuna and gently fold until evenly coated.
    Set aside to marinate.
  3. In a pan over medium heat, add oil.
  4. Once oil is hot, add rice to the pan and flatten into one even layer.
  5. Let the rice fry gently until crispy on the bottom, about 5 minutes.
  6. One rice is golden brown, remove from heat and place into bowls, crispy side up.
  7. Top the crunchy rice with the sliced vegetables and marinated tuna.
  8. Finish with spring onion and sesame seeds.

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