Madrid Fusion Manila: Panlasa Takes the Stage at the Luzon Regional Lunch

September 11, 2020

One of Madrid Fusion Manila’s biggest highlights are the regional lunches, which brings some of the brightest culinary minds in the Philippines together, to create dishes that show off the best of our produce. The first day’s theme was panlasa, concentrating on the flavor profiles that make up our cuisine: maalat, malinamnam, maasim, matamis, and mapait. Curated by Nina Daza-Puyat and Angelo Comsti, and executed with chefs Noel de la Rama and Josh Boutwood, it kicked things off with intensely flavorful palates that were sincerely Filipino.

Pinoy Popsicles by Sebastian’s

DSC00098 (1)

Kinilaw na Talaba by Chef Patrick and Pia Roa of Patricio’s Cevicheria

DSC00091 (1)

Monggo Guisado sa Baka at Batwan by Chef Mikko Reyes of Hungry Hound and The Palace

DSC00088 (1)

Three Layered Itlog na Maalat by Chef Kalel Chan of Raintree

DSC00086 (1)

Pinoy Paella and Sisig Rice Stuffed Lechon de Leche by Chef Dedet de La Fuente of Pepita’s

DSC00083 (1) DSC00082 (1)

Muscovado Mais Maja by Chef Neil Ramos of Neil’s Kitchen

DSC00077 (1)

Pili and Cashew Dragees by Manila Chocolatier

DSC00074 (1)

Bruleed Carabao’s Milk-Soaked Honey Cake with Salted Butter by Chefs Nikki Misa and Kristine Lotilla

DSC00071 (1)

Tsoknut with Lakatan Banana Mousse Turon. Tsokolate Eh with Durian Mallows, and Classic Hot Tsoko with Tablea Disc and Cebu Lechon by Chef Happy Ongpauco-Tiu

DSC00070 (1)

Palabok Bar by Mama Sita’s

DSC00067 (1)

Pata Negros, Macaron, Smoked Kesong Puti Mousse by Chef Margarita Fores of Grace Park, Lusso, Cibo, and Alta

DSC00066 (1)

Grilled Pork Jowls Glazed with Shrimp Bagoong by Chef Giney Villar of Felisa Cafe

DSC00060 (1)

Bringe Balls with Taba ng Talangka and Suahe in Chili Coconut Sauce by Chef Him Uy de Baron of Ping Pong Diplomacy

DSC00056 (1)

Sarsiadong Kambing sa Bugnay Wine by Chef Rafael Jardeleza of Rafael’s La Cucina del Sur

DSC00053 (1)

Kalamunding-Marinated Asadung Matua Roulade by Chef Jam Melchor of Healthy Eats Manila

DSC00052 (1)
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