Madrid Fusión 1st Regional Lunch: Rice in Different Forms

April 8, 2017

Think you know rice? Think again. There is more to rice than just the fluffy, white carb component that accompanies the daily Filipino meal. With the growing awareness of its different varieties—including Balatinaw, Ulikan, Chong-Ak, Mt. Violet, Lasbakan, Innawi, and Balatinaw—as well as its different uses, there could not be a better time to embrace the staple grain. Most heirloom varieties come from the Cordillera region, home to the hardworking rice farmers who relentlessly devote their time, energy, and heart in keeping these agricultural treasures alive. Rice serves not just for their physical sustenance, but also as a source of their livelihood.

Curated by F&B Report’s Angelo Comsti, the first of Madrid Fusión 2017’s regional lunches paid tribute to heirloom rice by putting it under the hands of some of Manila’s most highly-coveted chefs. Aside from utilizing different varieties, each of which has its own distinct profile, each booth showed how rice can function in different ways: for substance, for flavor, and for texture. The selection of dishes is a testament to rice’s surprising versatility—as the basis of rice cakes such as Tausug junay and Japanese mochi; pulverized into flour to be toasted and used as a finishing powder; moprhed into other forms, such as rice paper, tortillas, and flatbreads; steeped into tea or soaked and pureed as the basis of horchata; fermented into buro, a Kapampangan condiment; and more. Here are some of the event’s highlights:

Luz, Vi and Minda’s Heirloom Tacos: Vi’s Pit-roasted Cebu Lechon by Chef Happy Ongpauco-tiu of Pamana Restaurant and Tsokolateria

wild Rice Smoked Goat BBQ by Chef Dino Dizon of THE SMOKING JOINT

Tausug Junay with Utakutak by Chef Tatung Sarthou of Agos

Kipil Pockets by Chef Miko Aspiras, Kristine Lotilla, and Peachy Juban of Le Petit Souffle, Freezerburn, and ShortcrustTinutungan Ice Cream by CHEF MIKO ASPIRAS, KRISTINE LOTILLA, AND PEACHY JUBAN OF LE PETIT SOUFFLE, FREEZERBURN, AND SHORTCRUST

Pepita’s Spanish Manilena Lechon by Chef Dedet Dela Fuente-Santos of Pepita’s KitchenRoasted Vegetable Black Rice Arancini with Coconut Cream and Seafood Ragout by Kevin Tuason of Tahanan BistroOx Tail with Onion Mousse and Fermented Black Rice by Raul Bolledo of THE tEST kITCHEN mANILA

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