Madge’s Crumpets, Cookies, and Confections, Inc. Offers Crumpets and Other Great Aussie Bakes

June 19, 2018

Margaret Morgan, an Australian native who moved to the Philippines with her spouse in 2005, was looking for a way to give a taste of her homeland to her two adopted Filipino daughters. “They haven’t been to Australia yet so I wanted them to experience all the tastes that I remember growing up [there],” she shares, and one distinct food that came to mind was crumpets: traditional yeasted griddle cakes originating from the UK but also loved down under, which Morgan had long enjoyed making. As she posted pictures of the girls enjoying them on Facebook, she received inquiries  about the crumpets from friends, who were looking to place orders. Despite lacking formal experience in the food industry, Morgan (a baking enthusiast with experience in IT and Graphic Design, among other pursuits) agreed to do a few batches for them—and seeing that they turned out to be a hit, Morgan put up Madge’s Crumpets, Cookies, and Confections, Inc., offering crumpets and other baked goods well-loved in Australia.

L:  Morgan began making crumpets around 30 years ago. “It was a nice feeling to make a batch of crumpets or raisin buns for friends on a Sunday morning before heading out to go sailing,” she shares. | R: Their Anzac Biscuits are available in crunchy and chewy versions, both fronting deep, honey-like flavor against their nubby, oat- and coconut-filled body.

Fronting the Madge’s line (“Madge” being Morgan’s nickname) are crumpets. Though similar-looking to English muffins, save for the presence of holes punctuating the surface, crumpets are a completely different beast—ones that are spongy and chewy, bearing a complex, yeasty, slightly tangy profile comparable to kefir or sourdough (or even galapong-based puto). Traditionally served with tea, they’re best enjoyed toasted for the best contrast of crusty exterior and moist interior; and though tasty plain, the crumpets are especially great topped with butter and/or jam, which melt slightly and sneak into their many holes and crevices.

The Vanilla Slices are comprised of thin sheets of a scratch-made flaky pastry, a thick vanilla custard filling, and a thin but vibrant layer of passionfruit icing on top. Morgan shares that they take four days to make all in all—”but [they’re] worth every minute to a homesick Aussie!”

Another stellar hit is Morgan’s take on Anzac biscuits: classic Aussie oat- and coconut-charged cookies which Morgan makes with real Australian Golden syrup (other kinds of Golden Syrup sold here just aren’t the same, she explains) and enjoys dunking in tea. Wonderful, too, are their tender, just-slightly-sweet scones, which employ a recipe based off of Morgan’s mum’s (who she shares is “the best scone maker ever!”); though Morgan admits she used to be “too heavy-handed” with her scone-making attempts a teenager, she’s continued to work on it through the years, such that her take today (which uses the same recipe but employs an egg wash to finish—”[something] my mother would never have done”) might come “pretty close to Mum’s best.”

L: Melting Moments (a.k.a. Yoyos) are cookies consisting of two shortbread biscuits and a lemon-tinged buttery filling; rich but delicate and extremely tender, they just about melt in the mouth (as their name would have it).  | R: Madge’s Scones are made with a recipe based off of her scone-making virtuoso mother’s.

Other treats on offer include vanilla slices, hot cross buns, tea cakes, dim sims, melt-in-the-mouth homemade marshmallows, and others, made with zero preservatives. With the help of a baking assistant, Morgan makes whatever they can from scratch (including the flaky pastry for their Vanilla slices and the icing sugar for their Melting Moment cookies), sourcing things locally (their eggs come via their own free-range pet hens) wherever possible for the best assurance of quality.

Just some of the many treats on the Madge’s lineup, many of which got there from having been requested by customers and friends.

While food is the main attraction, it’s the interaction that makes her many loyal customers stay, with Morgan herself often being present and happy to chat at their booth at the weekly Salcedo Community Market, and maintaining a Facebook group (not a public page, but a tight-knit personal group) where she personally replies to people’s queries. It’s a refreshing sight in this PR-fueled day and age, making Madge’s Crumpets, Cookies, and Confections, Inc. not just a brand but a true human endeavor.

Madge’s Crumpets, Cookies, and Confections, inc.

Crumpets, scones, Anzac biscuits, and other classic Australian baked goods.

Contact: 0927-285-9309 / madges.crumpets@hotmail.com
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    Try the crumpets with melted cheese, and a grind of black pepper on top! Unmissable.

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