Luneta Hotel Reveals a Glimpse of Its Menu and Lounge

July 16, 2019

Luneta Hotel’s Cafe Yano is now open for business, serving up Spanish and Filipino favorites, as well as cocktails and coffee for guests. A step through the doors inside the hotel really is like stepping into an entirely different era. The cafe signage is new, but the art deco patterns on the marble floor, and the details found on the ceiling and around the hotel have always been there.

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Luneta Hotel’s Cafe Yano is now open for business, and hopes to finally accept hotel room guests by this month.

As of writing, there are still renovations ongoing, especially in the hotel rooms themselves. The Luneta Hotel staff hopes they they can finally accept hotel room guests by this month, at the same time their cocktail lounge opens. While they restored as much of the hotel as they could, they took into consideration the modern needs of guests such as air-conditioning and bathroom facilities, which needed more time to oversee their renovations. The function rooms are already open for bookings for parties, and have been pre-booked for a number of events including a wedding later this year.

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Cafe Yano’s Paellas and Lengua Estofado are highly recommended.

You can however, now enjoy their lobby cafe, Cafe Yano. Luneta Hotel GM Dr. Grace Francisco-Torres highly recommends trying their paellas and lengua estofado. The hotel chef, Norman Paguio, assures would-be visitors that while careful and extensive research was done on the menu, he took present liberties with bringing out full out flavor as spices no longer need to be delivered by ship.

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The menu itself is straightforward, with no trite or overly fancy names for the dishes.

The cafe breads are also baked fresh, from their croissant to their house special pandesal. The menu itself is straightforward, with no trite or overly fancy names for the dishes. The Cerdo Crujiente Nudillos Kare-Kare, which is Spanish-style crispy pork knuckles in peanut sauce, sounds the most intriguing from their mains. Filipino dishes that have been added to the menu are Salmon Head Sinigang, Lapu-lapu Parilla, and of course the traditional halo-halo.

For those who like coffee, the hotel also took pride in crafting a rich coffee menu that includes a selection of coffee with liqueur. Try having a cup with their desserts, particularly banana-mango napoleones, or churros. You may also take a little bit of the Luneta Hotel home with you by way of a bag of Luneta Hotel coffee, a blend of arabica and robusta beans.

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The price is a little on the steep side. Breads go for around PHP 50, a dish is in PHP 300-PHP 850 range inclusive of taxes, while coffee is PHP 250 upwards. It might create a hole in the wallet, but it does come with, as the credit commercial goes, a priceless experience.

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Are you tempted by the Luneta Hotel menu? What do you think about their renovations? Let us know in the comments section below.

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