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Lucky Chick: Sourdough Fried Chicken and Donuts from the Nolita Guys

April 24, 2016

Fast food fried chicken is practically everyone’s go-to meal. The crisp breading, tasty deep-fried skin, and the juicy meat all come together in a set meal with a full cup of rice and gravy on the side. Whether from Jollibee or McDonald’s, Popeye’s or KFC, fried chicken is an instant and clear crowdpleaser. Recently, a new chick has come to town—to UP Town Center, actually—not exactly to compete against the other fowl folks, but to provide a different take on the classic fried bird.

From the people behind Nolita comes Lucky Chick, a restaurant that provides a casual dining experience that seems to be perfect for families and/or friends looking for simple, unpretentious, ready-to-eat food done well. The interiors of the restaurant also complement the theme of simplicity, while also contributing to the casual ambiance. On the white walls are some fun quotes printed in black ink, while pops of color come from a few quirky objects and props. Also placed hanging in front of the ordering counter is a designated wire fence, wherein diners can add to the restaurant’s collection of keychains.

Lucky Chick

But more than its great concept and design, the delicious menu offers food that will surely make diners feel lucky. We know we did when we got to try some of their dishes, starting off with the Gravy Fries (P200). We just couldn’t keep our hands away from their take on poutine! The appetizer added a flavorful twist to the Canadian treat by adding ground beef, giving it a taste quite similar to beef stroganoff.

Next was Lucky Chick’s Pulled Pork Sandwich. The brioche buns were freshly baked, coming straight from the kitchen’s oven. The pulled pork and caramelized onions sandwiched between the buns were marinated in a tangy and sweet sauce, accented by a slightly salty taste. Slices of green chilli peppers also gave the dish a very subtly spicy kick.

Lucky Chick

Any decent place that serves fried chicken would also have to serve a certain popular pasta item: spaghetti. Lucky Chick has their own elevated take on the typical chicken+spaghetti combo. As opposed to the sweet Pinoy spaghetti, they’ve opted for the more herb-infused, savory Italian spaghetti and meatballs.

All this seemed like a buildup to the main event: their chicken. Since buttermilk fried chicken has become quite popular among comfort food restaurants lately, Lucky Chick decided to something different by cooking up a Southern-style fried chicken using sourdough. The original flavored chicken proved to be just as rich in taste as buttermilk fried chicken, and went perfectly well with any of the three different gravy flavors that customers can choose from: original, honey, and apple cider. But the real winner was Lucky Chick’s Hot Chick. Well-seasoned with aromatic spices, this chick delivers an extra punch along with the heat it brings to the table.

Lucky Chick

One of the great things about the menu is that it provides several combo options just like a fast food establishment, allowing for customizable meals. Besides being given the option to choose the flavor of their chicken as well as their gravy flavor, they also have six different sides to choose from, including takes on the usual coleslaw, salad, mashed potato, corn and carrots, and even their own corn muffins. However, the standout is their homemade donut. Unlike the typically crisp and airy fried rings of dough donut shops have to offer, the side dish is soft, full, and more bread-like in texture then topped off with a lightly sweet glaze.

Lucky Chick

Lucky Chick

Address: U.P. Town Center, Katipunan
Phone Number: (02) 958 5349
Follow On: Facebook/ Instagram
Price Per Person: P200-P300

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