Dulce Gatas is One of the Best Milky Things We’ve Ever Eaten

November 14, 2019

Admittedly, every time I head back to Bacolod I always prepare a checklist of my must-eat dishes and treats from Negros. Making up the bulk of the list, aside from a couple of restaurants, would always be sweets and pastries. Although it is true that more and more food items from the province are now available in Manila, there are still a handful that aren’t so easy to come by here. One of those hard to find treats that I have craved and looked far and wide for is Dulce Gatas.


It’s a simple mixture of Carabao’s milk and sugar reduced into a thick gooey caramel-like concoction, a version of the Argentinian dessert, Dulce de Leche. Popularly hailing from Silay City, it can be found all over Bacolod’s pasalubong centers as well. The clear unassuming plastic container it comes in hides its indulgence but once you pull off the lid, one whiff of its strong sweet aroma is sure to draw you into eating a spoonful. I personally eat it cold and a little bit on the frozen side as it makes it more dense and chewy. At first taste it seems milky and mildly sweet, teasing you to dig in further. The flavor then becomes more and more pronounced as you find yourself eating spoonful after spoonful.


It’s a gem to behold not only because of it’s decadent taste, but also because it’s quite rare to find it here in Manila except during the Negros Trade Fair. So next time you find yourself Bacolod-bound, be sure to stock up with a couple of tubs of Dulce Gatas.

Have you ever had dulce gatas? What are your favorite pasalubong treats from your province? Let us know in the comments section below!

Kathy Hofileña Kathy Hofileña

Kathy is a real life happy camper who likes her food spicy and her iced tea, bottomless. Obsessed with order, she has a habit of rewriting all her notes and schedules to help her sleep at night. Her other hobbies include hoarding books, buying film SLRs and collecting travel itineraries. Currently, she’s in the predicament of trying to gain weight while traipsing around mountains and beaches with her 40 plus liter backpack.

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6 responses to “Dulce Gatas is One of the Best Milky Things We’ve Ever Eaten”

  1. MariaGo says:

    Dulcet de Leche is the Pope’s favorite food!! Must be good! Maybe they should serve him this. 🙂


  2. Abbey says:


  3. Yay!!! Something to look forward to when I go home to Bacolod this Christmas.

  4. mypride says:

    It’s sometimes available at CAB (Cafe at Bob’s) Kapitolyo.

  5. Gamaliel Gayas says:

    Great with brewed coffee. Uuwi na ako in two days!

  6. Volts Sanchez says:


    (I have a bit of a sweet tooth)

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