What We’re Loving Now: A Crazy Matcha Lava Cake from an Underrated Restaurant

Shine Bakery and Cafe is one of my favorite restaurants in Manila. Yes, I’ll say it, this place is infinitely underrated. It’s a shame that its location is a bit weird; it’s hidden away from the rest of the restaurants in SM Aura, and is the only restaurant on its floor. I hardly see it in best of lists, or mentioned among the better comfort food places in the metro, but this is the Pengson team’s best venture yet. Here, they are comfortable, churning out sophisticated, high-end, well thought-out comfort food classics, that could easily make it on a trendy Australian menu, or a converted pub in San Francisco. They have cacio e pepe dressed with sea urchin, which is the only way the rule of no seafood and cheese can be broken. Their burgers aren’t the best blend of beef, but if you’re looking for delicious toppings, then you need to come here. Bowls of tapa are generous and even the rice somehow more delicious, and everywhere you look on the menu you’ll be hard-pressed to find a fault. But if I had to choose only one thing that you needed to get your hands on at Shine, then it would be their ingenious matcha lava cake.

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Lava cake may be an old school, outdated dessert dish (if you can recall the infamous scene in the movie Chef), but it is always a crowdpleaser. I can never deny one made of chocolate or white chocolate, because of the gooeyness found when dipping your fork into the underbaked cake. Shine Bakery and Cafe, smart people that they are, decided to make one with matcha and olive oil, a serious match made in heaven. It is so moist and delicate, that when it comes to your table, the cake quivers, unable to hold the mess of matcha ganache within. And if you think that most green tea desserts are never densely herbaceous enough for you, then this won’t disappoint. The ganache is equal parts sweet, but equal parts grassy matcha, and makes for a very satisfying bite. Don’t forget to ask for a scoop of vanilla ice cream, because you will definitely need it. Or maybe, order one more.

What’s your favorite dessert in Metro Manila? Have you tried Shine Bakery and Cafe yet? Let us know below!

Shine Bakery and Cafe

Address: 3F SM Aura, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Website: http://shinebakerycafe.com
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  1. As soon as I read this post, I went to Shine Bakery and Cafe – I was vacationing in Manila last week and it was the perfect timing. I dropped by at around 4pm and there were only a couple other diners until about 6pm. I was surprised that their matcha lava cake was not in their menu! When I asked for it, the server told me it was quite popular and that she had to check with the kitchen if it was still available. Lucky me, it was available! I’m a huge fan of matcha green tea and it did not disappoint! The cake was more expensive (at 300 pesos) than the aglio e olio pasta I ate but one serving can easily be shared by 2 people.

  2. Same here, my husband first picked the restaurant because it wasn’t crowded, then we got pleasantly surprised with the food. We’ve gone back at least 3x in the past 4 months. Service is good too, they were always really friendly with my toddler. And they were kind enough to allow me to bring a cup of coffee from Toby’s as we ordered dessert. Pleasant, comfort-food experience. Need to go back to try that matcha lava cake though!!

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