Lost in Digestion Returns From the Dead for Peanut Pancakes

December 29, 2018

This is Lost in Digestion; where we do a quick review of the oddest-looking mystery eats available from the many Asian groceries all over the Metro. From giant-sized tempura to Hello Kitty beer, we’ve got you covered.

And we’re back. After a three month hiatus, Lost in Digestion has finally returned. While I could lie and say it’s because of incessant public demand, the truth is I was in a Japanese convenience store the other day (looking for a spare pot handle) when I saw these Peanut Pancakes in a bin next to the cashier. I like peanut (butter) and I like pancakes, so I figured, why not try them out?

Also, they were on sale, which I took to be the Universe’s way of telling me that I needed to buy the thing and feature it on Pepper.



The packaging is really pretty. The giant plastic bag it came in was bright and orange, calling attention to the classy-looking individual foil packs inside. I don’t really know what the printed Japanese characters mean, but I like them anyway. They remind me of the text that used to appear at the end of every episode of Shaider and Bioman I watched as a kid, it would flash at the bottom left of the television after they’d killed the giant squid-man, lion-man, or (in one really odd instance) potted plant-man they were up against that day.

The pancakes themselves weren’t that visually interesting. They were brown and plain on both sides. They didn’t even bother to stamp a logo on each “cake’s” face. Even a simple pattern would’ve sufficed, but the only thing that marred its uniform surface are the random bits of peanut that peek through. They did take the effort to give each scalloped edges, though, which I suppose must count for something.


Taste and Texture

I don’t know if there was a mistranslation along the way, but these things are not pancakes.

At all.

They’re biscuits; hard, firm, and debatably safe from the Cookie Monster’s baser urges. And the things aren’t even pan-biscuits, there’s a picture on the back of an old-timey Japanese lady baking the cookies in a pugon, they’re just plain biscuit biscuits.

To be clear, there’s nothing inherently wrong with biscuits. It’s just that when I’ve been promised pancakes, and I don’t get pancakes, even pie would be a disappointment.

As for the flavor, it was okay. They legitimately tasted like peanuts, so at least the packaging got that part right. It would’ve made me so sad if the not-pancakes ended up tasting like cinnamon or adobo instead. Imagine how sucky your day would be if you had to subsist on pugon-baked adobo cookies.

It was quite tasty, though nothing mind-blowing. I would’ve personally preferred more sweetness, but then again I’m a recovering sugar junkie. The flat taste does lend itself well to stronger flavors; it’d make for a perfect snack to go along with fairly strong coffee or tea.



Let’s do a little math: the nutrition facts at the back say that each serving is 130 calories. There are six of these “servings” in the bag for total of 780 calories. But see, those serving sizes aren’t really true. There are at least a dozen of those little biscuit envelopes inside the plastic, there might be more but by the time it occurred to me to count how many, it was too late. The peanut pancakes had been decimated by a rookie mistake I’d thoughtlessly committed, that vile phenomenon called “leaving food unattended in the office pantry.”

Anyway, let’s go with the more conservative count, twelve. 780 calories divided by 12 gives us 65 calories per “true” serving. That’s an incredibly low number, especially considering that each foil pack contains three of the biscuits.

One great thing about the peanut pancakes is that they’d make prefect between-meals snacks for people trying to stick to a diet. It’s hard to finish more than a biscuit and a half at a time as each swallow sits comparatively heavy in your gut. They make you want to stop eating, though it’s not because of any horrible taste or similar unpleasantness. I suspect that the 3 grams of protein present in each serving has a lot to do with the feelings of satiety the peanut pancakes engender.

Final Rating


Lost in Digestion gives these Peanut Pancakes a solid three out of five Japanese Spidermen (and a yeah, yeah, wow).

It lures you in at the start by making you think what’s before you is something you’re familiar with, but you’re then blindsided by the fact that it’s actually completely different from what you were expecting. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, since if you just give Japanese Spiderman the Peanut Pancakes a chance, you quickly realize that the giant spiderman robot totally makes sense it’s actually a really great snack by itself.

Comments? Suggestions? Violent reactions? Feel free to air out your thoughts below. Also, if you haven’t done so already, you should totally click that link I was spamming in the previous paragraph. I guarantee it will brighten up the rest of your day.

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9 responses to “Lost in Digestion Returns From the Dead for Peanut Pancakes”

  1. Taiwan and China’s melamine scare really ruined Asian deli and grocery products for me. I won’t even go near that aisle.

  2. Taiwan and China’s melamine scare really ruined Asian deli and grocery products for me. I won’t even go near that aisle.

  3. Leslie Wong says:

    The pictures are so pretty!

  4. Valerie Ann Marbella Soriente says:

    At first for some strange reason, it reminded me of Marie that I used to have when I was a kid…how I missed this snack…where did you buy the peanut pancake-slash-biscuit?

  5. babsicatn says:

    Im really scared of trying anything edible from that jap store… Hehe…

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