Straddle the Line Between Comfort Food and Crazy Food at The Lost Bread

If you’re looking for a plain old piece of bread or a regular old glass of milk, then you won’t have any luck with The Lost Bread. First ice cream, now milkshakes and French toast. There seems to be no stopping renegade cooks from creating more and more elaborate renditions of classic dishes. With the dawn of underground desserts and over-the-top everything, it’s no surprise to see a place like The Lost Bread on the scene.


The foregone food of the name comes from the English translation of the French phrase “pain perdu”, a dish made from frying stale bread that has been soaked in batter. Today, it is simply known to us uncultured swine as French Toast.


Dissatisfied with the French Toast scene in Manila (or rather, the absence of one), owners Patty Marabut and Emil Ongchuan decided to take matters of the batter into their own hands. Their establishment, The Lost Bread, finds potential patrons flocking at the entrance, enticed by their unique take on the aforementioned milkshakes and French Toast.

Left: Arctic Bananas, PHP 89. Right: Seeing Double, PHP 99.

For such a tiny space, the ambition of the dishes they serve here are anything but. Their most gawk-worthy drink is known as “The Carnival” (PHP 99), a stunning vanilla milkshake topped with crunchy caramel popcorn and a towering wad of candy floss almost too gargantuan for its own cup. Drink immediately, as the cotton candy shrinks while you spend too much time taking pictures for your Instagram followers to envy. You may also want to partake in their “Doughfee” (PHP 99), a coffee-flavored milkshake made stranger and sweeter by scraps of sugary doughnut. The Lost Bread is also host to a selection of “18+” milkshakes. For example, they have the mudslide-esque “Spiked Cookie” (PHP 120), where you might taste that hint of Bailey’s Irish Cream in a chocolate chip-coffee milkshake. Even more adventurous would be the excellently-named “Froot Loose” (PHP 120), with bits of Froot Loops cereal swimming in and floating above the shake, while a naughty little pipette of vodka sticks out from the whipped cream.

From Left: Cake Shakes- The Carnival, PHP 99. Doughfee, PHP99. 18+- Spiked Cookie, PHP 120. Fruit Loose, PHP 120.

Of the French Toast dishes (I would like to note that their savory offerings are not yet available), the closest you might get to a regular piece of toast would be “The Classic” (PHP 89), which it is in every sense (maple syrup, whipped cream, chopped pistachio nuts) save for the cotton candy sitting innocently atop the stack of French toast sticks. But perhaps my favorite of the French toasts would be the “Cereal Port” (PHP 99), toast with peanut butter and corn flakes soaking in a bowl of warm, spiced milk. On a rainy day, I would love to hug a bowl against my chest and slurp away at that cinnamon-and-nutmeg milk.

Background: Cereal Port, PHP 99. Foreground: The Classic, PHP 89.

So if you want to straddle the line between comfort food and crazy food, then The Lost Bread is the place for you. All those who wander into this place will definitely not feel lost.

Have you been to The Lost Bread? What did you have there? Tell us your experience with a comment below!

The Lost Bread

Address: 91 Maginhawa St. UP Village, Quezon City
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  1. I wasn’t able to get my fix of the spiked cookie (all time fave), the place’s packed last night! I hope you feature Theo’s soon! Good grub!

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