Loose Brews Makes their Own Loose Leaf Tea Blends, and Our Favorite One Tastes Just Like a Cocktail

October 13, 2018

Samantha Maristela will attest that there’s nothing quite like drinking a hot cup of tea brewed from loose leaf. While loose leaf is not exactly popular in the Philippines, nor is the practice of afternoon tea (which is different from high tea, Maristela tells us, putting a common misnomer that high tea was for nobles to rest for us), where one often imagines is practiced by the queen and other fancy old ladies wearing hats. To Maristela, tea—and not just your grocery bought tea bags that can be overly dried or made from low-grade leaves but high quality loose leaf tea—should and can be enjoyed by everyone.

The Cupid’s Brew—made of Rooibos tea, roses, and hibiscus—was blended especially for Valentines but can be made upon special order.

Tea is not only much better for your health than other caffeinated alternatives, but it induces a steady rise in energy instead of a drastic one, so you can skip out on the caffeine-jitters. And various ingredients found in her tea offer their own special health benefits as well. Chamomile reduces inflammation; rose contains vitamin C; lavender promotes restful sleep (for herbal teas of course, so no caffeine here), and so on. But more than that, the process of steeping has the ability to withdraw unexpected smells and tastes. Maristela combines flavors using flowers, herbs, dried fruit, and tea leaves into her own tea blends for original Loose Brews concoctions that can make even none tea-drinkers reconsider.

Loose Brews also sells rose gold tea gift sets, tea timers, tea bags, stevia leaves, tea infusers, double walled tea cups, and now even tea warmers that you can attach to your laptop via USB.

Fun and relaxing is the Sunset brew, which contains Butterfly Pea that turns the tea blue (and a squeeze of any citrus fruit into it will turn it into purple). They have the Brainy brew, which wakes you up and helps you to focus. There’s the Beauty Sleep brew, an herbal tea blend that helps you get just what the name of the tea promises. But our favorite is the unexpected Gin and Tonic brew. This alcohol-free tea blend gives you the zesty taste of the cocktail, with the underlying floral notes of gin, sans any ingredient resembling gin or tonic in it.


Blended loose leaf teas and tea accessories.

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