New Food Now: Local Edition in Legaspi Village the Newest Addition to the Specialty Coffee Scene

July 17, 2014

There are several factors that go into finding the perfect cup of coffee. Before anything else, there’s the accessibility of the café. Whether you’re late for work or strolling around your area, the coffee shop we choose is usually good for both quick take out orders and a few hours to enjoy that brew. Next, there’s the familiarity of the place: there’s nothing like a few friendly faces greeting you a good morning and recalling your usual favorite order. Lastly, there’s consistency as well as variety: although we’re creatures of habit, the café’s menu should have options that let you shake things up a bit. The latest café to join Legaspi Village, Local Edition, aims to achieve all this for its Makati community.

Local Edition Coffee and Tea7

Local Edition zones in on what our own regions have to offer, using beans from Kape Maria.

Local Edition is Jackie Arceo and Julia Sevilla’s own take on offering coffee from a specific region, but zones in on what our own regions have to offer. Jackie and Julia do their best to support local resources, and their partner Kape Maria sources the beans that Local Edition uses. “Their most famous blend is the Pulag Blend,” Jackie explains. Local Edition’s Perea Blend—named after the street the café is on—is a mix of Kape Maria’s famous blend, plus a mix of robusta, excelsa, and Arabica. If you’re used to the impact of Barako and the subtle power of Arabica, the Perea Blend combines the strong flavor caffeine addicts are after, without overwhelming the palate. But if you’re looking for a particular flavor note in your coffee, the combination may seem a bit confusing at first.

Local Edition Coffee and Tea5

Local Edition offers flexibility in how you control the flavor and caffeine in your coffee.

Local Edition offers flexibility in how you control the flavor and caffeine in your coffee. There are three steps to ordering the coffee. First you choose between coffee and tea. After you’ve chosen your fix, it’s time to decide on your preferred preparation: espresso, long black, flat white, latte, or cappuccino. The Long Black has a slight difference from the Americano: unlike the Americano, where the shot is under the water, the Long Black pulls the shot first before placing the water. What results is more flavor with each sip of the Long Black. Coffee also can be ordered either as regular or strong, where the strong pulls a shot of coffee longer so you get more of that bitter flavor. True to its promise, the strong iced Long Black I had consistently delivered that impactful flavor I look for in coffee.

Local Edition Coffee and Tea6

Their tea selection is straightforward and simple: there’s the Earl Grey and Black Oolong, the Classic Green and Vibrant Green, and then the Ruby Red. I preferred the Earl Grey Cappuccino over the iced Ruby Red since the former managed to balance the tea itself, the milk, and the sugar. The Ruby Red was too sour for me and didn’t have that smooth yet fruity taste you get from other tea brands. I’d suggest ordering the tea as the milk based preparation, but make sure you also indicate how many sugars you’d like with it.

Local Edition Coffee and Tea2Local Edition Coffee and Tea3

Being a new kid in the café scene, Local Edition only has a modest choice of salads and sandwiches. Their Caprese Pasta (PHP 180) is a healthy alternative that keeps the flavors clean with pesto, tomatoes, and the slightly salty yet creamy kesong puti pieces. For those who want to get full for breakfast, the Chorizo Con Huevos sandwich (PHP 225) packs tasty garlic-filled Tuguegarao longanisa in a soft two-egg omelet. The Chicken Caesar Sandwich (PHP 210) is what I imagine to be the order of creatures of habit, but they should expect eating it to get a bit messy due to too much Caesar dressing.

Local Edition Coffee and Tea8Local Edition Coffee and Tea9

You may have to indicate that you prefer no mayonnaise with the grilled cheese sandwich.

On a rainy day or after a long week, we suggest pairing their hot tomato soup with the Gooey Grilled Cheese (PHP 180). Everyone’s favorite comfort sandwich is a soft bed that envelops your mouth in warm mozzarella, cheddar, and Havarti. Once you break off a piece and dip it into the soup, your worries escape for that brief moment. You may have to indicate, however, that you prefer no mayonnaise with the grilled cheese sandwich as some customers have had it served with the dressing.

Local Edition Coffee and Tea4

Coffee always goes with something sweet, which is why Local Edition’s pastries pair well with their strong blend. The Carrot Bar (PHP 60) delivers on the promise of soft carrot cake with a not-too-sweet creamy icing on top. The Tablea Brownies (PHP 60) offer a good balance of the sweet and the bitter. The Banana Bread (PHP 50) also delivers on its promise of a breakfast classic.

Local Edition Coffee and Tea1

Only time can tell how much impact Local Edition will make on the growing café scene in Manila, but this coffee shop stands out in its highlight of locally sourced coffee. It’s also a great place for tea lovers and caffeine addicts to converge without having one or the other step back on their preference. We look forward to their food menu expanding as well and the future blends they plan to make with other locally sourced beans.

Have you been to Local Edition? What do you think of their coffee, tea, and food options? Sound off in the comments section below!

Local Edition
116 Perea St. Legaspi Village,
1229 Makati

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  1. Volts Sanchez says:

    Great, something for this weekend 😉 Wish the article had operating hours, though…

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    Awesome photos! =)

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    I spy some iced gems.

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    I love love their affogato and gooey grilled cheese sandwich. I happened to visit this place recently and I am actually going back there today with my friends.

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