We Did a Jollijeep Crawl in Makati and Here are Our Top Picks

September 6, 2019

Makati is home to a handful of cozy cafes and posh restaurants, but jollijeeps are what feed the working force with its home-cooked style Filipino meals. These gray carts serve lunch and merienda daily to the thousands of employees and other workers who frequent the city. A few of these eateries have made a mark in the country’s working force and in this list, we round up some of the jollijeeps known for their cheap but tasty meals.

Porkchop along Palanca Street

jollijeeps_ (3) PALANCA PORKCHOP

It’s not hard to miss this jollijeep if you’re entering from Paseo de Roxas. From 12 noon and until around 2pm, people are lined up as the vendors hack each porkchop for the next order. The smallest orders are at PHP 40, medium sized chops at PHP 50, and an entire slab at PHP 80. One bite of their pork and you’ll end up lining up the next day for it again: the fat is tender, the meat perfectly seasoned, and the breading crisp to the bite. No need for soy sauce for extra flavor: it’s that tasty.

Palanca Street,
Across Greenbelt Excelsior

Mang Lirio’s, Palanca Street

jollijeeps_ (7) MANG LIRIO'S

Considered pricey against the usual PHP 40 to PHP 50 range of jollijeeps, Mang Lirio’s justifies the additional 20 to 30 expense with its diverse menu choice and mixing and matching of viands with side dishes. This jollijeep’s choices include Pork Binagoongan, Pakbet Tagalog, Bicol Express, Pork Tocino, and Lechon Kawali. We had Roast Beef with Gravy for our visit, which was savory and creamy. The meal became extra hearty with a cup of cream of potato soup; both orders added up to 90, but can reach up to PHP 100 with rice. Other items customers can order include sushi mix or California maki for PHP 55 and siomai for PHP 25.

Palanca Street,
In front of Plantation

Rada Sisig

jollijeeps_ (1) RADA SISIG

I was first introduced to this back when I worked in Pasong Tamo. A few officemates would make the journey all the way to Rada just to have a taste of this unforgettable take on a Filipino favorite. One bite from three years back left me speechless: it was spicy enough to warm the mouth and the pork was mixed in with egg bits that made the dish more filling. Years later and the quality of this sisig hasn’t changed. Employees near the area probably practice some serious self-control from ordering this everyday, as the sisig with rice only costs PHP 53.

Rada Street,
In front of Planter’s Bank

Bulalo and Pares from Esteban

jollijeeps_ (4) ESTEBAN PARES

The jollijeep right in front of CEU serves hearty and flavorful bowls of gotong bulalo and pares for just PHP 35 (without rice). The pares’ broth is seeped in the beef’s natural flavor; we ended up sipping out of the bowl instead of eating off the spoon. We imagine that the gotong Batangas na may utak (ox’s brain) has just as much flavor but a little more texture. Other menu items include adobong baka and isaw.

Esteban Street,
In front of CEU

Jollijeep behind Mercury Drug, Valero Street

jollijeeps_ (10)

Most jollijeeps have more of the same: sisig, kaldereta, menudo, etc. But the jollijeep along Valero Access Road 2 includes kare-kare, lengua, beef with broccoli, and isaw in their choices. Their viands rotate per day so regulars will always have something new or a favorite to return to but never get sick of. On our visit, the isaw was the most popular choice and one bite answered why. The meat was seeped in gizzard bits and juice; the spice demanded a balance with just enough rice. Viands with rice usually go for about PHP 50.

Valero Access Road 2,
Behind Mercury Drug

Jollijeep Behind Dela Rosa Car Park


Several contacts who work in Makati instantly referred this jollijeep for its famous lechon kawali. By the time we got here, only a few pieces were left but one bite of it indicated just how discerning lunch eaters are when it comes to taste. You can enjoy this straightforward but tasty meal for just PHP 40 (without rice).

Dela Rosa Access Road 2,
Third Jollijeep if coming from the left side of Dela Rosa Access Road 2

Jollijeep in front of Citibank

jollijeeps_ (9)

Another jollijeep that enjoys high customer traffic not only for its location, but also for its own take on sisig. Don’t let the pork parts’ white to gray hues fool you: the soft texture yet rightly seasoned flavor makes for a satisfying lunch. Plus the inexpensive PHP 50 (with rice) isn’t heavy on the wallet, but the meal heavy enough to lull you into a siesta.

Valero Street,
1st Jollijeep to the left if you’re crossing from behind Citibank

What is your favorite jollijeep in Makati? What are their best dishes? Tell us your recommendations in the comments sections below!

Gela Velasco Gela Velasco

Gela is a young adult slowly settling into her late twenties. She likes to make a mess in the kitchen when no one’s looking, dance till dawn on long weekends, and dream about beef on lazy afternoons. On some days she learns how to write good in graduate school. Her life goals include sashaying somewhat like Beyonce and to write a cover story on Leonardo di Caprio.

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48 responses to “We Did a Jollijeep Crawl in Makati and Here are Our Top Picks”

  1. valdeaunia says:

    Not sure kung nandun pa sila today, but another Jollijeep we really liked back then was the one behind PBCom/Philam/Robinson’s Summit that we called “Number 2” (no, not THAT number 2) because it was the 2nd stall from PBCom Tower.

    Also it’s easy to distinguish that stall because sya lang yung laging puno among all Jollijeeps in that area, especially during lunch hour 🙂

  2. Volts Sanchez says:

    Now I REALLY miss working in Makati…

  3. Erickson Ruaro says:

    Rada sisig forever and ever!

  4. pach jayme says:

    There’s this pares place near vxi in jupiter street. Their broth is thick and the meat is cooked to perfection. You could even ask for ox brain or even make it as soup #5. Only 35 pesos for the pares and fried rice.

  5. bound2ramble says:

    They’re all Legaspi area. Can’t wait for a more comprehensive Makati crawl.

  6. g3rard says:

    The Palanca Pork Chop is actually Liempo.

  7. Midge K. Manlapig says:

    Oh, gracious! I remember the Rada sisig from the days when I worked at a small ad firm in that part of town. We’d order extra to tide us over long nights going over FAs!

  8. MPY says:

    A jollijeep along the access road for the delarosa car park 1 (I think, the one behind SGV) had a killer turon. Another one in the same area serves some decent sisig with just the right spice and some hints of ginger that actually works.

  9. Mia Marci says:

    Esteban Street’s Jollyjeep fronting Yardstick Cafe has AWESOME chicken sisig, and four season juices with FRESH FRUIT. Made my mornings. <3

  10. Izzy W Gonzalez says:

    The Rada Sisig is great and all, but the jollijeep just a bit further down had some EXCELLENT calamares. They used to serve it with a garlic aioli dip some years back, but I think they stopped that decadent practise in favour of spicy vinegar. Also, all the choices listed are popular — did the writer actually do a crawl or just pick the known ones?

  11. Where did the term Jollijeep come from? I’ve never heard of the term before.

    • Justin Calingasan says:

      Back then the stalls were mobile and they were served from the back of an actual jeep. Makati has organized the spots and permits required to put them up since then.

  12. Guest says:

    That Esteban Jollijeep, known to us working around the area as Kabayan, also has the best chicken adobo ever.

  13. Mylo de Borja says:

    That Esteban Jollijeep, known to us working around the area as Kabayan, also has the best chicken adobo ever. A cup of rice wouldn’t cut it, 2 cups to go!

    • gela velasco says:

      Thanks for the recommendation 😀

    • nz says:

      Yes, I agree! We usually eat dinner there at ‘kabayan’ (he is a Batangueño that’s why he always refers to people as kabayan). His specialty is beef adobo, which is so good! 🙂 It’s located in front of Family Mart in Esteban Street.

  14. The jollijeep in Malugay street behind Skyland tower (along Gil Puyat) owned by Ate Tess with a famed server Kuya Choy is a BIG HIT for those who work nearby and students from CEU. People flock the store as early as 10:30 am to later into the lunch hours because of their tasty and affordable dishes. All the servers and Ate Tess herself is very accommodating to all their customers. Most of my classmates eat here because of all these factors. If that still doesn’t convince you, let me just say that their liempo is simply the best! 🙂

  15. Eliza Vanessa Villapandø says:

    I love Rada’s Sisig! Cheap but one of the best sisig i ever tasted!

  16. Gerlie Orpilla says:

    The sisig and gising gising along Bolanos Street is the best for me. They served sisig every Friday that’s why people are waiting for Fridays sisig.

  17. eye_in_the_sky says:

    Why, this is among the better written reviews here

  18. rivrose says:

    liempo at Palanca, “pamatay” sa sarapp!

  19. ber says:

    the JJ in front of city tower.. along the first street to the left when you enter HV dela costa st. from makati ave road going to landmark…. they have what they call there a HAPPY MEAL… 2 viands of any kind plus rice… my fave combo there was sisig-bagnet w/ rice plus there gotong batangas is a must…

    • Alorica says:

      bagnet, kalamares, sisig, adobong itik, tapa, gotong batangas, beef bulalo, inihaw na liempo, papaitan, Kuya boy! kakain na!

  20. […] late, yet moodier and more intimate. Maybe it’s the slightly hidden location, obscured by a jollijeep and lacking in-your-face signage. Really though, it is all about the food. Chefs Denny Antonino and […]

  21. SaintAnne says:

    There’s also a long time JJ at the back of PBCom tower. Their Sisig and Caldo soup is really delicious. You should give that a try. Their the only JJ there that sells these 2. Caldo because of the pares.

  22. kirbilog says:

    I love Lirio’s kasi his servings are really clean. He used to be a chef in a cruise liner kaya masarap talaga ang entrees. May phone pa so you can ask his menu for the day and already reserve if you are a regular. I also agree with the porkchop in Palanca. Ang aga nauubos.

  23. utak says:

    esteban utak is the shit

  24. MOSES says:


  25. jZone428 says:

    sisig sa rada 🙂

  26. jeramylz says:

    Hi i am looking for an available jollijeep which i could put up a small business somewhere in makati.Thanks.

  27. Renz says:

    The JJ behind CitiBank Tower, right most which is known for their vinegar they call persimon.

  28. Choi PETRACHE says:

    There’s this Jollijeep that serves Bagnet and Roast Beef in Leviste St. It’s in front of North Park, if you’re facing north park it’s the one on the left. They’re only open between 10AM to 2PM. Within that 4 hour window, all the bagnet and roast beef are sold out. Better try it.

  29. Rcm says:

    Na-miss ko bigla yung mango tapioca sa dela rosa st sa likod ng rufino. 😩

  30. Jhay says:

    Ung sa Valero access road 1 in front of bpi philam may jollijeep po dun best seller nila is binalot sa sahon ng saving….The best…

  31. […] which makes them really comforting and cheap. Know what are the best ones out there with the picks of Pepper, which includes Jollijeeps in Palanca Street, Esteban Street, Rada Street, and […]

  32. jpmorganchase says:


  33. deathbystereo says:

    si ken adato masherep

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