Here are 9 of Our Favorite Food Court Finds Across Metro Manila

April 18, 2020

On a trip to the mall, debating whether to buy that cute top or those expensive jeans takes a while. But for people like me, the most difficult decision comes after browsing through clothing racks and looking at display windows. When everybody’s exhausted from walking from store to store, they’re bound to end up hungry. And when that time comes around, the impossible question arises: “Where do we eat?”

Luckily, mall food courts exist to make the decision just a little bit easier to make. Gathering several food kiosks into one place is definitely a convenient way to serve tired shoppers who can barely walk another step. But the same question still stands, especially when we find everyone in the group insisting on the answer “kahit saan.” The easy way out would be choosing the typical restaurant chains. But Pepper has accepted the challenge, and picked up some food court finds you can’t go wrong with.

1. Shiang’s at Alabang Town Center


Relive the bao craze of 2013 at this food court find. When Lugang Café doesn’t seem like an option for the hole in your wallet, Shiang’s Shieng Jian Bao does a good job at satisfying your soup-dumpling cravings for cheaper—and without seeming like the usual Chinese takeout.

2. Noodles Everyday at Lucky Chinatown Mall


Just as rice is a food staple for Filipinos, noodles are the same for the Chinese. Noodles Everyday serves hand-pulled noodles (the original ramen) the way you like them—whether mami style in a savory broth, or tossed on a plate with toppings.

3. Kim Liong Tin at 168 Shopping Mall


If you find yourself hungry after squeezing yourself through stalls and haggling in Divisoria, Kim Liong Tin offers quite the bargain with their miki bihon. Shoppers and shop-owners alike line-up for the 30-peso meal that leaves you full. Add Php 50, and you get three pieces of pan de sal to go along with your noodles—a combination that seems to work for most of the stall’s customers.

4. Go Greek! at Glorietta 4


Chef Rob Goco, the man behind Cyma, created the sole fast food counterpart to his Greek casual dining restaurant. Go Greek! serves everything that is good in Greek cuisine—all our favorite gyros, kebabs, salads, and yogurt shakes—in the more accessible, and non intimidating food court setting.

5. Mega-Pan de Sal at Farmer’s Plaza


When looking for something to grab on the go, you can trade in the typical burger or sandwich for a mega pan de sal. This food stall in the Farmer’s Plaza mall’s food court serves pan de sal sandwiches with your fillings of choice, whether it be Pork Asado, Korean Barbecue, Beef Teriyaki, or even a mini Pizza Pan de Sal.

6. Central Station at The Promenade


Central Station makes for a fun and quirky food court find, with its hot pot concept. Assemble your own hot pot bowl for one by choosing your broth, vegetables, other add-ons and toppings.

7. Bad Boy Belly at Market! Market!


Food courts don’t exactly seem to be the typical place for fiestas or large celebrations. But who says you can’t bring a large group to a table for some of Cebu’s signature boneless lechon? Bad Boy Belly serves them whole and boneless on a large skewer, bringing the party to Market! Market!’s food court.

8. Seoul Bibimbob at SM Mall of Asia


Meet the Korean counterpart to Pepper Lunch. Like the world-famous “fast-steak” Japanese franchise, Seoul Bibimbob gives the same quick, hot plate, pseudo cook-it-yourself, experience—but with Korean dishes.

9. Sisig Swabe at Star Mall EDSA


You can never go wrong with something as classically Filipino as sisig. Sisig Swabe serves the sizzling dish three ways: with pork, chicken, and/or even bangus. The stall has offerings for solo meals, and for large barkada meals as well.

What are your favorite food court finds? Tell us about them by leaving a comment below!

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11 responses to “Here are 9 of Our Favorite Food Court Finds Across Metro Manila”

  1. Victoria says:

    Yes, Shiang’s was the first one I thought of! Sheng jian bao > xiao long bao.
    So Go Greek is back? I thought they’d disappeared.
    New Bombay Express will do in a pinch.
    Also, any fresh Chinese vegetable lumpia stall.

  2. Volts Sanchez says:

    That Seoul Bibimbap sure is popular. I rarely see it without a substantial line (at least, during typical mealtimes). There’s an interesting-looking Thai (or Vietnamese, I forget) booth in the tiny foodcourt of Harrison Plaza that looks promising, if you want to find other places to try 😉

  3. jhongmed says:

    I already tried Shang’s Shieng Jian Bao twice. The sauce inside the bun was really flavorful, you will really comeback for more. Aside from that it’s very light in your wallet…

  4. Den says:

    I still believe that Kipp’s Fried Chicken is one of the best fried chickens I’ve ever had. It’s even better with their “Spanish” rice and gravy!

  5. Go Greekster says:

    Yeah. I thought Go Greek in Glorietta closed already. Or are they back? If they are, this is good news. 🙂

  6. Sana photos instead of drawings.

  7. Mai Bellen says:

    Open na po ba ulit ang go greek? Thanks

  8. Lovelee says:

    Go Greek is open again? Hope so. Love their food.

  9. mai216 says:

    Curious about Go Greek too, I miss it!

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