Liq My Stick’s Liquor-Laced Popsicles are as Fun and Cheeky as Their Name

September 29, 2017

When Adam’s Seriously Good Ice Cream first started selling their homemade ice cream at the Legaspi Sunday Market, we could not get enough of it. Now, under the same reliable Adam’s company, they are offering something (at that same sunday market) that is utterly refreshing for our tropical climate: naturally flavored Liq My Stick popsicles.

RIGHT: The nutty fudgicle is our go-to stick to, er, lick.

Though the euphemistic name suggests these popsicles are made for adults since they feature liquor-infused flavors (that’s where the ‘Liq’ from ‘Liq My Stick’ comes from), most of Liq My Stick’s popsicles are alcohol-free and safe for kids to enjoy or acceptable for adults to consume before 5PM. Some popsicle flavors have wildly varying textures, likely due to the fact that the brand proudly uses fresh, all-natural ingredients, whose textures remain intact.

These cold treats are incomparable to their grocery counterparts, and the proof is in in each, uh, lick: honest, clean flavors that stay true to their flavor names (No suspicious chemical tastes here). Our favorite variants are the Nutty Fudgsicle for the alcohol-free choice, or the Strawberry Margarita for getting caught in the rain, but their range of flavors is so wide that you’re bound to find one Stick to capture your tastebuds, no matter your preferences.

We love their customized popsicle sticks with their hashtag #liqmystick.

The founders of Liq My Stick, married couple Marisse Reyes and Peter Annink, are both vegetarians and first started the brand to bring nutritious yet fun plant-based snacks to the market. But whether you’re looking for healthy options or not, Liq My Stick is a delicious choice of dessert for a humid morning at the Legaspi Sunday Market.


Artisanal popsicles flavored with natural ingredients.

CONTACT: 0956-524-0390 / liqmystick@gmail.com
SPEND: PHP 150 per popsicle
FOLLOW: Facebook / Instagram

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