Here’s What Happens in a Day in the Life of a Culinary Student

February 2, 2020

5AM: Hit snooze on your alarm.

Life as a Culinary Arts Student1

5:30AM: Wake up. Barely. Drag your butt out of bed and limp to the bathroom, eyes still half-closed. Wash your face and brush your teeth, and put your hair up.

5:45AM: Regret not ironing your uniform the day before. Iron your uniform but not without almost burning yourself first (you’ve washed your face but lets be honest, you still want to go back to bed).

6AM: Dress up, check that your toolkit is complete, and that your hat is snug enough that it won’t fall off. Use Tide-to-Go on any visible stain because this isn’t the first time you’ve used this jacket this week.

6:15AM: Head downstairs to the bus stop and wait without your winter coat on, because you would rather freeze to death than get kicked out of class for a couple of creases.

6:30AM: Arrive on campus. Look for food. Or coffee. A lot of coffee. Think to yourself as you eat while walking “I should wake up earlier tomorrow,” even though it is never going to happen.

6:45AM: Wait outside the classroom for the chef to let you in. They say class starts at 7 but 6:45 is already cutting it close. Any later than that and you’re pretty much SUPER late. Honestly: 15 minutes or nothing.


7AM: Class starts. Only 6 hours left of lab to go!!!!!!! : ( The chef begins the lecture and you barely escape them catching you falling asleep.

8AM: Your caffeine has kicked in, and you’re ready to start. You take out your recipes and start measuring everything, AKA the race to the quart containers.

9AM: Your first batch of stuff is in the oven. Time to pray to the yeast gods.

9:15AM: In your head: “Is that rising? Is it supposed to look like that? Chef!!!! Does it look uneven? OMG I screwed up didn’t I? Should I reread the recipe? Start again? IF ANBODY MOVES AND MY STUFF FALLS DOWN I AM GOING TO CRY.” Realize that you were saying that stuff out loud.

9:30AM: You’re all good. It isn’t the prettiest pastry you have ever seen, but it is passable. Congratulations!

Life as a Culinary Arts Student3

Repeat until 12PM.

12PM: Your favorite part of labs, cleaning the classroom (meant to be read sarcastically)!! Grab the squeegees and avoid trash duty, because that is literally the only way that this hour will be bearable.

1PM: Head back to your dorm room and take a long shower. Eat a granola bar or something, because you are too tired to go eat anything else. Nap.

6PM: Wake up with half of a granola bar beside your face. Realize you fell asleep while eating and you might have an oat in your ear. Seriously. Put some shoes on and go get real food. You think sushi but then you look at your wallet. It says “Hi! You can get a slice of pizza!” Cry a little, but pizza is so good so who cares.

7:30PM: Head back to your room and do your homework. This involves production plans, analyzing ingredients, a little bit of French and Science that you thought you got rid of in high school but turns out is pretty important in culinary school.

9PM: Watch a show! You deserve it! Plan on sleeping early so that you don’t run late in the morning, but instead blast through a couple of shows on Netflix.

1AM: 5 hours of shows seems like a lot. It isn’t. Think that maybe you should iron your uniform before you go to bed to save you some time in the morning, but fall asleep instead.

5AM: HUHUHUHUHUHUH TIME TO WAKE UP AGAIN Y DO I DO DIS. Realize it is because you love the industry and couldn’t live without it, and wake up. Barely.

Life as a Culinary Arts Student2

Are you a culinary student? What’s your experience like at culinary school? Tell us your horror stories below!

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5 responses to “Here’s What Happens in a Day in the Life of a Culinary Student”

  1. Mav Javier says:

    I’m currently taking up baking and pastry arts.

  2. Mav Javier says:

    I’m currently taking up baking and pastry arts. I agree to most of the stuff you mentioned. 🙂 Our class runs for three and a half hours only. But after that, I have to go to the supermarket to buy the ingredients I need for practice (it happens almost everyday). When I get home, I have to rewrite my notes (prepare a reviewer) on that day’s lessons. Quizzes happen daily. Then practice the recipe a couple of times to make sure that I do well for tomorrow’s lab. Sometimes it’s tiring. But I still do it anyway. 🙂

  3. mrmeaty says:

    if you are making yeast raised products and start scaling at 8am, you won’t have anything to put in the oven by 9am geez, who wries these?

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