Lick Iced Tea Creates Flavored Blends of Green & Black Tea to Hit the Spot this Hot Summer

May 30, 2018

Sean Esteban, the man behind Lick Iced Tea, tells us that the most common response that he receives to his bottled iced tea is that people think it’s imported. With a sleek and distinct custom glass bottle that stands out from the rest of the few glass-bottled refreshments on store shelves, the Lick Iced Tea brand certainly attracts attention for their flavors’ popping designs. Though he tells us that, happily, that is the response he aims for since they do intend to export eventually, they are very proud of Lick being a Philippine brand.

All the iced teas retain the natural color of tea since they do not contain any artificial dyes.

Esteban, who has many friends in the restaurant business, noticed that there were not many local glass-bottled iced teas in the market; in fact, they could only see a single brand. Together with one of these friends, they decided that they could make a premium brand of flavored iced teas that would be suitable for specialty gourmet stores, restaurants, and supermarkets. They created an uncommon blend of both green and black tea as the base of their drinks, and sweetened that blend with a mix of stevia and cane sugar—stevia to reduce the amount of sugar needed, though Esteban admits with the robust tea blend, sugar is still needed to compensate for the bitterness.

Their madagascar peanuts are an appropriate pairing for the tea, which are lightly dusted in madagascar vanilla.

The result is something delightfully candy-like and refreshing. Esteban describes their most unusual flavor, huckleberry, as tasting like the purple Fox candy, which it indeed does. The green apple variant brings us back to our childhood with a comfortingly apple-juice-in-a-box taste. The safe and familiar can be found in their lemon mint. Though our favorites are the raspberry and peach flavors, which offer a rich amount of fruity goodness to complement the dark flavors of the blended teas.


Lick Iced Tea

A local brand of glass-bottled iced tea that is made up of a blend of black and green tea and is sweetened with a blend of stevia and cane sugar.

CONTACT: 0917-678-3191 / (02) 987-4933 / drink@lickicedtea.com
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