Dusty Nuggets: Male Stripper or Awesome Snack Hack?

It’s that time of the year again when McDonald’s hauls in the anticipated Shake Shake Fries. Like the Twister Fries before it, the bag of flavored powder-covered potatoes has developed a cult following. Instagram has been blowing up with people showing off their greasy bags of fries, and just as we were about to get sick of it, give in, and run out for a couple of bags to binge on, the fast food gods intervened and possessed us to make our own fat-laden, powder-covered monstrosity.


Hence, the Dusty Nuggets. A lazy bastard snack hack on semi-gourmet steroids. We’ve been tripping on the flavored powder available in Chimara and Taters, so we mixed in a portion of wasabi powder and a portion of white cheddar into a bag of fries. Just kidding—we went all out and dumped it on freshly fried chicken nuggets instead. These flavored powders can be bought in little bags, which make a great addition to that emergency supply kit, and a great add-on to top those fast food midnight snacks.


What are some lazy snack discoveries that you like putting together? Tell us with a comment below! We might be tempted to try it out and stick it up on the site.

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  1. 100PHP per pack from taters..white cheddar is good on popcorn, mojos-style potatoes, and even as a parr of a spice rub mix..

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