Seven Things That You Can Only Get at a Lawson Japanese Convenience Store

First, there was 7-Eleven and their Slurpee. Then, there was Mini-Stop with their fried chicken. Two years ago, Family Mart made their compact triangles of tuna mayo onigiri all the rage. Now, there’s Lawson. As Puregold’s bid to enter the convenience store industry, the Japanese convenience store giant is slated to open at least 50 branches in Manila by the end of the year. They first broke ground sometime in March, and a few branches have already been spotted in different parts of the city. The following are what might just make Lawson’s products measure up against those of its formidable competitors:

1. Cucumber Lemonade (PHP 22 for 12 oz.)

What is it? Its lemonade thats flavored with cucumbers (as if the highlighter green color didnt clue you in already).

Hit it or skip it? Hit it. Whenever you swing by Lawson, you’ll always see at least three customers ordering this drink, and for good reason. As with the house iced tea, the lemonade is subtly sweet, and the fresh, rather vegetable-like scent of the cucumber makes for a refreshing twist.

Lawson Cucumber Lemonade x Lawson Dulce de Leche Donut

2. GoNuts DonutsPastillas de Leche Donut (PHP 25 each)

What is it? Lawson has partnered with GoNuts Donuts to make the latters offerings available in their store. The Pastillas de Leche Donut is described as a creamy, dreamy pastillas stuffed into a delicate donut wrap.

Hit it or skip it? Hit it. Dont be fooled by its modest appearance. This donut is an absolute winner; the dough is both chewy and moist, and the dulce de leche filling is a luscious, velvety caramel.

3. Guru-Guru Hotdog Twist (PHP 49 each)

What is it? This is Lawsons answer to another of the great convenience store staples: the hotdog sandwich. Rather than putting the hotdog in a bun, its placed inside a dough twist thats sprinkled with sugar, and then fried to a golden brown crisp.

Hit it or skip it? Skip it. The dough covering is pleasant enough, and the hotdog inside it is even filled with cheese, but a classic hotdog bun with a generous helping of Manhattan dressing still wins over this. Perhaps its partly because theres no risk of it burning the roof of your mouth when eaten.

Lawson Guru Guru Hotdog x Lawson Original Iced Tea

4. Lawson Original Iced Tea (PHP 22 for 12 oz.)

What is it? This dark, amber-colored liquid is Lawsons take on the ubiquitous chilled brew.

Hit it or skip it? Hit it. Anyone who genuinely likes iced tea should give this one a try. Lawsons iced tea actually tastes like real tea that was steeped in hot water, chilled, and then sweetened with a light hand. It has a citrusy fragrance, and a honeyed sweetness that doesnt leave a sticky, sugary residue on your taste buds.

5. BreadTalks Baked Bacon and Corn Sandwich (PHP 39 each)

What is it? BreadTalk is another brand that Lawson teamed up with to expand their offerings. The Baked Bacon and Corn Sandwich is comprised of corn, bacon, and cheese sandwiched between three slices of toasted bread.

Hit it or skip it? Skip it. While a lot of people like bacon, corn, and cheese, the combination of all three in a sandwich just seems a little off. This sandwich would be much better if it was simply stuffed with bacon and cheese.

Baked Bacon and Corn Sandwich x Lawson Bamboo and Charcoal Soft_serve

6. Bamboo Charcoal Green Tea Mix Ice Cream (PHP 25 for a single-serve swirl to the max)

What is it? Its supposedly a duo of charcoaland green tea-flavored soft-serve ice cream. The cashier gives you a big waffle cone upon purchase, and you use it to catch as much of the cascading swirls of frozen cream as you can.

Hit it or skip it? It could go either way. This certainly looks impressive, with the other half of the ice cream mix looking as black as charcoal indeed. It did have a smooth and creamy texture, but it didn’t taste as vividly as it was colored. The charcoal part wasnt charcoal-flavored at all (thank goodness), and if there was any matcha in the mix, it seems to have escaped. Hit this if youre hankering for a big serving of something cold and sweet, but get your matcha soft serve fix elsewhere.

Lawson UnliRice

7. Unli-Rice (PHP 9 additional as a fried chicken side dish, PHP 20 additional for other fried items)

What is it? As much rice as you need to polish off every last bit of the fried chicken or any other fried food on your plate.

Hit it or skip it? Hit it, especially if youre ordering the fried chicken, which can very well hold its own against the other contenders, by the way. The tender, richly-flavored dark meat, and the salty chicken skin are best eaten with all the rice that your stomach can handle. The rice grains are on the dry side, but thats nothing a few spoonfuls of the thick house gravy cant fix. Now, if they could only come up with an unlimited amount of those…

Lawson has yet to become a household name, but its as good a place as any to satisfy the munchies at any point in the day. If its initial offerings are an indication of what can be expected from this latest contender, then theres much to be looked forward to.

Do you think Lawson will be as successful as the rest of the convenience store chains in the Philippines? What’s your favorite convenience store item? Sound off below!

Lawson Convenience Store

Address: GF, The Pearl Place, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

10 Responses

  1. I refuse to head anywhere just to try a convenience store. Having said that, I really hope they put up a branch near my usual haunts (I want to try the iced tea).

    1. They plan to roll out more branches this year, so I suppose you’ll be able to try the iced tea soon. 🙂

  2. 711 has the cucumber lemonade drink too.

    I think the Lawson Convenience Store address is wrong because I also walk along Pearl Place and all I see is FamilyMart. (or nakatago ba yung Lawson? Have to find it!)

    1. Hello, eboy. Lawson is on the ground floor of Pearl Place, it’s the new condominium that’s on the street across from Pearl Plaza, where FamilyMart is.

  3. Guru Guru Bread <3 (bread is like mister donuts' pon de ring) , Chicken? hmm not so. their siomia is 15php a piece (they do not have chili oild tho), they have other breadtalk munchies made exclusively for lawson (as i find the bacon sandwich not pleasing), mayo and catsup is not by the sachet too, well you can ask but they wont hold you back if you get crazy with the squeeze bottles..haven't tried their siopao, as I think 711 still wins the convenience store siopao game.

      1. I’ve been getting the cucumber lemonade from Family Mart ever since they opened. It’s nothing special, really.

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