Latteo Milk Bar Is a Sweet Tooth’s Solution for Healthier Everyday Dairy Options

August 31, 2019

Latteo Milk Bar was borne out of a desire to shift into a healthier lifestyle. After founder Alyanna Chuatoco’s mom had cancer, she and her family subscribed to the idea that “the less junk [they] intake, the healthier [their] mom will get.” She was inspired to create a line of dairy products because she believed that every bit of nutrition you get—especially on a daily basis—goes a long way.

“How Did the Phrase “Milking It” Come to Be?”: An Afterthought

Alyanna worked meticulously on the business, from the brand to the product. It was challenging to achieve the final lineup. But with the help of the right suppliers and workers, they were able to produce milk and yogurt drinks with zero preservatives, additives, fillers, or harmful chemicals.

[I] designed the different flavors with the mindset of a sweet tooth. “What will I want to eat every day? To partner with my cereal, cookies, and fruits? [Is it something my family will appreciate?] These questions [were my guiding principles].

“Yoghurt” – me when I’m saying hi to my friend Gurt

The milk tastes naturally sweet, and it’s creamy yet light—making it great even just for plain drinking. The yogurt is tart, but not too much to scare off the sour-averse (and not too little to ward off the purists). We suggest packing these up for your kids’ baon, particularly the flavored variations: chocolate milk and strawberry yogurt.

Latteo Milk Bar

A milk and yogurt line with no preservatives, additives, or harmful chemicals.

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