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These Labneh Pies from Al-Batra in Makati Have Gotten Us All Cheesy

June 12, 2020

You know one of those tiny food revelations you have when you’re doing something mundane, eating for sustenance instead of pleasure, then are surprised, flabbergasted, rendered speechless by something amazing you just put into your mouth? Let’s move on from the double entendre, and focus on our most recent discovery. A drunken night led us to an old haunt in Williamsburgos, the famed Al-Batra. Kebab platters, hummus and tabbouleh, and pitas were ordered, but a friend introduced the ultimate game-changer: the Labneh Pie.


Plain Labneh Pie, PHP 50 | Labneh Pie with Honey, PHP 65

It’s easy to be dismissive when you know what you love and hardly stray, until someone tells you that they can do better. The labneh pie looks unassuming but is the best thing you’ll eat on any given night, a cross between dessert and carb-y side. The crust is warm and soft, like freshly baked pita. The labneh is thick and creamy, with a flavor that balances salty and sour, and generously fills the tart from end to golden end. For those looking for a little more sweetness, you can always finish off the tart with a drizzle of honey—it’s the perfect late-night bite.


Were we too drunk that night? Are we bowing down at the knees of a false god? Or have you had this labneh tart, and agree that it is just as revelatory as we think? Please tell us, we’re begging to know.

Al-Batra Coffee Shop and Restaurant

Address: 2F Am Flores Bldg., Constellation St. cor Makati Ave., Bel-Air, Makati

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3 responses to “These Labneh Pies from Al-Batra in Makati Have Gotten Us All Cheesy”

  1. Joey Melliza says:

    wow this sort of looks like the Turkish Pide – do they have them there too?

  2. Volts Sanchez says:

    Looks… interesting.

  3. Victoria says:

    Been wanting to try Al-Batra for the longest time, maybe now I’ll finally go!

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