La Pâte de France Gives Tin Cakes More In-Season Flavor Variations

March 2, 2019

Chances are, you’ve seen those cakes on Instagram: those that come in lidded metal tins, hiding a layered pastry that (unlike traditional layer or loaf cakes) you can immediately dive into with a spoon. Of the notable players to the tin cake game is La Pâte de France, the home-based brain child of Filipina cooking enthusiast Jing Flores and French pastry chef Baptiste Jolivet.

These tincakes are surprisingly balanced, what with the play of different textures you get in each spoonful.

Both are passionate about food, often experimenting with different concoctions at home that were mostly based on whatever Flores would hanker for at any time. The pair eventually came up with a chocolate-banana cake they’d dubbed the Banano, and started joining bazaars. It didn’t take too long before they decided to take on the tin-cake trend; and unlike the majority that only come in chocolate, La Pâte goes for flavors more currently in vogue: matcha and ube.

It just came onto me like, ‘I want this cake, can we make it?’”

Jolivet admits he was no fan of neither matcha nor ube in the beginning, the two flavors being “completely unknown” in France, but Flores framed this to him as a challenge. “[I told him], if you don’t like ube . . . [or] matcha, make something that will make you like it.” Multiple experiments later, Jolivet tells us he’s warmed up to both flavors.

Chef Baptiste admits he prefers the Matcha variant.

Featuring a glossy glazed top, a creamy middle layer all cradled by a thin sponge, their now Insta-famous creations have since garnered praise from the likes of well-known Instagrammer @masarapba, among many others. Have it delivered and enjoy its harmonious flavors and diversity of textures, ready to be devoured with a spoon anytime.

La Pâte de France

Home-based makers of tin cakes and other confections.

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