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La Collina is a Slow Food Concept Italian-Spanish Bistro in Poblacion Owned by a Climate Change Expert

March 27, 2019

Climate change expert Anita Celdran tells us that though it was not her career track in the past, cooking has always been her dream, and La Collina is the realization of it. She had been cooking for a long time, especially when she lived in Washington, D.C., for a decade. A fusion of both her passion for the environment and cooking, the Slow Food movement (a group of which she became a member in Turin, Italy) is reflective of her philosophy behind La Collina: to serve quality food with a low-carbon footprint.

Locally-made chorizo, arborio rice, and technique are the secrets to this paella.

La Collina was originally planned to be on a hill in Tagaytay, thus the name (which is Italian for “The Hill”), but they found a space in Poblacion that fit for them at the moment and thus an old boarding house was converted into a homey bistro that serves both Spanish and Italian food. “I have Spanish roots,” explains Celdran, and thus was always exposed to traditional Spanish food. But she wanted to include Italian cuisine as well, saying she didn’t want to box herself in and because she finds that the two cuisines balance each other out.


A Spanish and Italian bistro in Poblacion.

ADDRESS: 4558 Molina St. cor. Quintos St., Poblacion, Makati City
VISIT: 11AM–2AM Tuesdays to Sundays / closed Mondays
CONTACT: (02) 879-7401 / (0939) 990-1300 /
SPEND: PHP180–5,400
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