This Kombucha Granita Recipe Turns Your Fermented Tea into an Icy Dessert

For everyone who started quarantine fermenting food, you’re probably already reaping the benefits of your patience. And if you tread the kombucha track, we’ll guess you’ve been having the fermented tea at least weekly.

We tried it one of our kombucha purveyors, Figgs Kombucha!

At this point, you’ve tried everything. You’ve adjusted the fermentation time just to see how different it tastes; experimented with different flavors; and even tried using it to cook. Well, if you’re running out of ideas⁠, here’s our suggestion: turn it into kombucha granita.

The great thing about granita, really, is how frickin’ easy it is to make—and you can make it with almost anything. So we thought, why not make it with kombucha?

Fork it!

Unlike other granitas, this recipe does not have any added sugar. So it doesn’t actually compromise your kombucha; which is good news if you’re in it for a more wholesome diet. The granita retains the tartness of kombucha, but mellows it out a bit (not near enough for it to be negate the fact that it’s kombucha, though). Go and try making a bunch of these in different flavors, and you’ve got yourself a kombucha snow cone-like parlor.



Serving Size

2-3 people

Active Time

15 mins

Total Time

3 hrs


  • 1 bottle kombucha (about 500ml)

Instructions for Kombucha Granita

  1. Pour out kombucha into a small, flat sheet tray.
  2. Freeze for 1 hour then stir with a fork.
  3. Freeze until set, stirring every 30 minutes.
  4. Fluff granita with a fork before serving.​

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