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Kite Kebab Bar’s Ox Tongue and Kombucha Beer Are an Original Combination You’ll Go Back for Again and Again

July 26, 2017

Kian Kazemi of Kite Kebab Bar, whose father is Persian and who thus grew up with the cuisine, used to sell kebab sandwiches to his classmates in his younger years for extra pocket money. The sandwiches were a hit with his classmates and made him realize there was potential to start a Persian restaurant, and thus the restaurant chain Persia Grill with 8 branches was born. He calls Kite Kebab Bar, his Mediterranean street food concept in Poblacion, a spin-off of Persia Grill, and a venue for him to get creative with his dishes.

“Kebab means to grill,” he explains. “In Iran, when soldiers used to fight with swords, the most basic way to cook a meal was to, after they hunt, they’d use the sword as a skewer and cook meat over fire. Until now, you won’t get tired of eating grilled food because it keeps the fundamental essence of the meat.”

And that sentiment especially is true with our favorite skewer (and according to Kazemi, Jordy Navarra‘s too!) at Kite Kebab Bar:


Try the ox tongue skewer (PHP 119) with a refreshing side of Kite Beer (PHP149), a blend of kombucha and beer.

The Ox Tongue skewer is incredibly moist, without being overly oily or fatty. It’s so tender that a teething toddler could slice their teeth through it with ease (but don’t quote me on that). It is a simple, to the point, well-seasoned grilled meat that any Pinoy will want to throw on a pile of rice and drizzle in sauce.

Wash it down with our favorite drink there, an original blend of green tea-based kombucha and their own brewed beer (a collaboration between Kazemi and a close friend named Ryan, who is a yoga instructor), which they called the Kite Beer. Kite Beer is a sneak, as it tastes like a refreshing, citrusy ginger soda (with a very subtle bitterness that gives it some attitude, and reminds you of the healthy goodness it hides through kombucha) but actually has 7% alcohol content.


Kite Kebab Bar is a Mediterranean street food restaurant located in Poblacion.

ADDRESS: 5772 Ebro St., Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City
VISIT: 11AM-3AM Sundays to Thursdays / 11AM-4AM Fridays to Saturdays
CONTACT: (02) 810-7338
SPEND: PHP 100-500
FOLLOW: Facebook

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