Kimmie Teaches Us How to Customize a Basic Pastillas Recipe to Make Different Flavors

November 9, 2019

It’s no secret that pastillas are easy to make. (Heck, you probably made it for class in grade school.) So if you’re in need of a homemade gift to give out for the holidays, the sweet, milky dessert is an easy go-to. But to help make it more personal (and not be mistaken for a last-minute gift), Kimmie teaches us how to customize a basic recipe to make almost any flavor you want.

“Wow, I love it!” – anyone you give this as a gift to

We use three types of flavoring agents—extract, jam, and powder—to demonstrate how each type can potentially alter your recipe. As explained in the video, it’s all about balance. You’ll have to do a little bit of math here, but don’t worry, you can Google everything.

P.S. Here’s an idea: cheesecake pastillas. Use cream cheese in your recipe, then coat your pastillas with crushed grahams instead of sugar. You’re welcome.


  • Serves: 4-5 people
  • Active time: 30 mins
  • Total time: 30 mins
  • Difficulty: Easy


  • 1 300ml can condensed milk
  • 2 cups powdered milk
  • Sugar, for coating


  1. Add condensed milk to a large bowl, then stir in powdered milk until a thick paste forms.
  2. Take the mixture by the tablespoon and roll into logs, then roll in the sugar to coat. Continue until all pastillas are made.


  • To flavor with extract, add ½ tbsp. of extract to condensed milk and whisk before adding the powdered milk.
  • To flavor with jams or jellies, replace ½ can condensed milk with jam or jelly, and whisk before adding the powdered milk.
  • To flavor with powder, replace ½ cup of the powdered milk with powder and whisk before adding into the condensed milk.​
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Jica hopes that by writing about food she'll actually learn how to cook. But for now, she'll happily just eat everything—especially cookies.

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