KFC Launches Weekend Breakfast Buffet

July 10, 2019

For fans of buffets, brunch, or those nursing a hangover, KFC will now offer breakfast buffets in select branches across Metro Manila during the weekends of July. The dine-in buffet will be available from 7:30 to 10 am, with a menu of Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Longganisa, Tocino, Chicken Fillet w/ Steak Sauce, Egg, Garlic Rice, Arroz Caldo, and more. Their regular menu will also be available at those times, but for take-out only.


To avail of the promo, customers must buy one ticket per person, and each ticket costs PHP 199. Kids between 3-4ft only have to pay PHP 99, while kids below 3ft eat for free. Branches with the weekend buffet sell tickets in advance, so customers can call to reserve. A no leftover rule applies, with PHP 100 charged for leftovers.

KFC branches with weekend breakfast buffets will be at Eastwood, Congressional, St. Joseph, Edsa Central, Jupiter, Vito Cruz, Tagaytay, and San Pablo Town Plaza.

Are you excited for the KFC breakfast buffet, or should KFC just stick to chicken? We want to hear from you. Leave a comment in the section below.

Mia Marci Mia Marci

Mia Marci likes sampling street food, even if she doesn't know what's in it. She's gotten sick to her stomach on occasion because of this hazardous curiosity, but even the strictest of doctors couldn't stop her. Mia also writes about video games, travel, and girly issues for other publications. She also teaches English and Creative Writing. In the little spare time she has left, she catches up on film and TV shows, while cuddling up to her dog and cat.

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2 responses to “KFC Launches Weekend Breakfast Buffet”

  1. Kakoi says:

    All shares and no comments. I guess there’s your answer!

  2. jo says:

    Never tried the buffet but I did try their breakfast offerings a year ago or so. It sucked! They should definitely stick to chicken

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