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Try This: Visit Kermit in Siargao for Pizza and a Taste of their Spicy Melon Cocktail

August 12, 2017

A recent visit to Siargao island had us visiting the most talked about food spots in the area, but one that surpassed expectations was easily Kermit Siargao. Their pizzas, fired up in a brick oven, were the best dinner we had on the island—and a fantastic pie that can compete with the tough competition right here in Manila. A toasty crust with just the right amount of char, their crusts were impeccable. And with prices that start at PHP 260 (you design your own pizza and pay extra for any topping), it’s a must-visit for your surf trip to the increasingly popular surf town.

We went with parma ham and olives on ours—but their selection of toppings made it hard to decide.

But it didn’t stop at the pizza. We tried the Spicy Melon Cocktail (we’re suckers for spicy cocktails), and it gave us life. The cocktail is made into a slushie suitable for the conditions, and the refreshing melon struck a perfect balance between the steady spice.

The Spicy Melon cocktail was surprisingly refreshing.

We sadly had Kermit on our last night, but if we had gone there sooner, we probably would have been there every single night for the rest of our evenings. Our only warning is to call ahead or have dinner early: it gets really full during dinner, but an early meal lets you take advantage of their happy hour (from 4-7PM) anyway.

Kermit Siargao

Kermit Siargao is the in-house restaurant of the surf resort of the same name, best known for their brick-oven pizzas.

ADDRESS: Purok 5, 8419 General Luna, Siargao Island, Surigao Del Norte, Philippines
Visit: 7:30-10AM Breakfast / 11AM-2PM lunch / 6-10PM dinner / open daily
CONTACT: 0977-856-3321 /
SPEND: PHP 100-350
FOLLOW: Facebook / Instagram / Website

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