Pepper Guide: One Dish Each at Kapitolyo Gastro Park

September 10, 2020

It’s easy to classify Gastro Park Kapitolyo as a food court: it looks just like a food court, that is spacious, clean, well-maintained, and doesn’t get too crowded—most of the time. What sets it apart however, is its location and its stalls. Gone are the days when franchises were the only the established food choices for food courts. Here, there are options that range from the familiar to the unexpected. It’s one of the signs that the F&B industry is steadily growing. And on top of that, Gastro Park caters to its surrounding neighborhood (along with food wanderers). It is this community that will allow it to thrive.

So we paid a visit to this not-food court to check out what they have to offer. We tried a single dish from each stall, and here’s what we have to say about them.

1. El Phante’s Sriracha Carnitas in Soft Taco

3 (2)

Price: P150

How was it?: Tiny cubes of pork that are perfectly glazed with Sriracha might sounds simple, but this is one of the best dishes in the place. El Phante’s carnitas has the option to come with pandan rice, or eaten inside soft tacos, and the meat works well either way.

Gastro Park Rating: 5/5

2. Chixy 9’s Chixy Pops


Price:  P69

How was it?: You can’t go wrong with chicken poppers, but unfortunately, the ones from Chixy9 were a bit disappointing. Their poppers (which taste okay, actually), house small bones, making snacking on them quite difficult.

Gastro Park Rating: 1/5

3. Bagneto’s Sisig with Rice


Price: P150

How was it?: Marvel-inspired Bagneto offers the classic combination of sisig with rice that has considerable chunks of bagnet, giving the entire thing a nice crunch. But aside from that, there’s nothing else that’s really special about their sisig.

Gastro Park Rating: 3/5

4. Wok’s Laksa


Price: P180

How was it?: The laksa is an off the menu item that looked really good, highlighted by perfectly cooked, pink and partially translucent shrimp. Once eaten though, the dish falls slightly bland, with only the heat of the chilies permeating throughout the entire thing.

Gastro Park Rating: 3/5

5. Surfries!!’s Raspberry Bowl


Price: P85

How was it?: Aside from selling fries, this is the only store that sells drinks (that doesn’t count as dessert or isn’t water). Well, just one drink really, a whole candy jar filled with raspberry juice, half of which is frozen. It’s a cold treat good enough for four.

Gastro Park Rating: 3/5

6. Niku-Q’s Skewers

5 (2)

Price: Chicken Skin P30 / Angus Beef P60 / Pork Asparagus P45

How was it?: Niku-Q’s skewers are well proportioned and cooked perfectly, dripping with just the right amount of teriyaki sauce. And considering its prices, it can stand toe-to-toe with some of the best cheap yakitori places in the city.

Gastro Park Rating: 5/5

7. PARA’s Aligue Shrimp Slaw


Price: P220

How was it?: The aligue shrimp slaw sandwich is one of the more stylish dishes in Gastropark. Individually, the ingredients are good, but unfortunately, the combination doesn’t really work once you put them all in between buns.  

Gastro Park Rating: 2/5

8. BrickPlate’s Shaker Ribs


Price: P180

How was it?: It’s a no-fuss, straightforward meal. Brickplate’s ribs are tender and perfectly smoked. And the whole thing isn’t swimming in barbecue sauce so you can still taste the meat. It would’ve been nice to have a slightly larger portion though.

Gastro Park Rating: 4/5

9. Stuffed by Offbeat’s Stuffed Chori Burger


Price:  P180

How was it?: This burger is flamboyant to say the least, arriving in bright red buns. While the burger is well cooked, it gets a bit confusing when you bite into the stuffing: basil pesto. We’d recommend just sticking with the regular chori burger.

Gastro Park Rating: 3/5

10. The Masala Bar’s Masala Quesadillas

4 (2)

Price: P160

How was it?: Along with its size, one of the highlights of this quesadilla is inventiveness. Fillings are flavored with masala and, instead of tortillas they used flat pita bread, giving the entire thing a crunchy and chewy texture.

Gastro Park Rating: 4/5

11. Jap Box’s Gyuniku Steak

1 (2)

Price: P130

How was it?: Despite being just your regular rice meal, this gyuniku steak can comfortably feed two people. With ample amounts of rice and beef, not to mention a decent teriyaki sauce, it’s enough to make it a common order in Gastro Park.

Gastro Park Rating: 3/5

12. Tolyo’s Mexican Bulalo with Marrow and Rice


Price: P190

How was it?: Mexican Bulalo might sound interesting but it’s actually what you expect it would be: bulalo flavored with commercial Mexican spice mix. It’s a bit weird, like taco soup. Its only saving grace, is its generous portion, and that includes the marrow.

Gastro Park Rating: 3/5

13. The Seventh Element’s Oreo Cream Cheese Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream


Price: P150

How was it?: As with any liquid nitrogen ice cream, The Seventh Element’s oreo cream cheese has a creamy consistency—no ice crystals here. You can even ask them for extra liquid nitrogen if you want your ice cream rock hard.  

Gastro Park Rating: 4/5

14. Sweet Nothing’s Strawberry Shortcake Shake

2 (3)

Price: P130

How was it?: The shake was a pleasant surprise: strawberry milkshake topped with cotton candy. The drink isn’t as sweet but that’s quickly remedied by the huge sugar cloud sitting nicely on top of the cup. Definitely a playful dessert drink.

Gastro Park Rating: 4/5

15. Tokyo Tempura’s Tempura Bucket


Price: P105

How was it?: Normally we’d be cautious with tempura at this price but surprisingly, theirs is pretty decent. It’s the best way to get your tempura fix. If you’re craving hard, then we suggest going for their Shrimp-All-You-Can for only P199.

Gastro Park Rating: 4/5

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    Your URL says “gatropark” without S.

  2. Mickey Wieneke says:

    Always appreciate any feedback from Pepper! Hoping you can relive memories of our unusual combinations at Offbeat (thanks for your review here We’re always up to pushing the envelope with flavors and we’re set to launch a new burger at Gastro this week. Hope to see you all again there! 🙂

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